The 9 Best Flippable Mattresses That Deliver Options For Comfort


At one time, most mattresses were designed to be flipped to ensure even wear. While many modern mattresses have a definite top and bottom, there are still flippable beds to be found — and they offer something unique. Saatva’s Zenhaven, our pick for the best flippable mattress overall, is a durable latex mattress with excellent pressure relief and a choice of luxury-plush and gentle-firm comfort levels.

The best flippable mattresses have varying firmnesses on either side, which makes them essentially two beds in one. Not only does that give you options for comfort and support, the flippable design can also help extend a mattress’s lifespan. Ahead, find eight more of the best flippable mattresses to accommodate different sleep styles, preferences and budgets.

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I began the search for the best flippable mattresses with reputable and well-known brands. To narrow down the list, I scoured customer reviews to find both positive and negative feedback. I also made sure to include two-sided mattresses that meet varying needs and preferences for sleep positions, materials and budgets.

Flippability is just one aspect of a great mattress, and it’s not the only factor you should weigh. To find a mattress that meets your needs, it’s important to consider construction, materials and price point.

Just like one-sided mattresses, you can find flippable beds with all foam or hybrid constructions. In general, hybrid mattresses offer more support and better breathability because they combine comfort layers with airflow-promoting innersprings. They tend to have a slightly longer lifespan as well, thanks to increased durability, but they may cost more. All-foam mattresses can be a more budget-friendly option. They’re also good picks for couples looking for motion isolation.

The materials in a mattress are directly related to its durability and lifespan. High-density foams and innersprings may add to the price tag, but you can also expect mattresses made with these materials to last longer.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that a flippable mattress is automatically more durable. While flipping a mattress can help minimize deterioration in a specific area, rotating a one-sided mattress can have a similar effect. Just like a one-sided mattress, flippable mattresses can wear out quickly if they’re made with inferior materials.

Firmness is often conflated with support, but they describe two separate elements in a mattress. How firm a mattress feels is quite subjective and based on individual body weight and type. The heavier you are, the more you’ll sink in and the softer a mattress can feel. That’s why lightweight sleepers benefit from softer mattresses, while those with more weight are better served by medium-firm to firm mattresses.

Preferred sleep styles play a role in appropriate mattress firmness, too. Side sleepers need cushioning around the hips and shoulders to keep pressure-point pain at bay, while back and stomach sleepers need sufficient lumbar support to ensure a neutral spine. Most mattresses designed for side sleepers aren’t as firm as those made for back and stomach sleepers.

Some flippable mattresses offer dual firmness levels — medium-firm on one side and firm on the other, for example — while others have the same feel on both sides. If you aren’t sure which firmness is right for you, a mattress with two options can be a great investment.

Like one-sided beds, flippable mattresses come in various price points to suit different budgets. You can find well-made flippable mattresses for less than $1,000. If you’re looking for a high-end flippable mattress with more features, those are available as well.