The Best Daybeds, According To Interior Designers


Daybeds are the hybrid heroes of the furniture world. The best daybeds provide extra room for sitting, lounging and sleeping, and work well in small spaces like kids’ rooms or offices. They combine the comfort of a couch with the utility of a bed frame, all without sacrificing style. “Daybeds offer a space-efficient solution in a variety of room designs through their dual functionality,” says Heather Humphrey, principal interior designer at Alder and Tweed. “Placing daybeds in underutilized spaces allows for creative space solutions while turning these areas into cute focal points in a room.”

Our top pick, Thuma The Daybed, is an excellent option for most homes. Complete with a sturdy frame, comfortable PillowBoards and a sleek silhouette, this daybed is more than just a snooze spot — it’s a style statement. From compact designs to elegant picks that elevate your decor, there are plenty of options to choose from. Ahead, the best daybeds that make the most of limited space.

The Forbes Vetted editors, like all consumers, want products that work efficiently, hold up to regular use and help make our homes more functional and comfortable. In addition to crafting articles on how to decorate our personal spaces, our home and kitchen team also writes, researches, and, in many cases, tests a slew of products that create comfortable and more efficient dwellings. This includes everything from the best couches to the best sectional sofas, the best sleeper sofas and the best leather sectionals.

In addition to using the team’s expertise while putting together this list, we also consulted with three industry experts: Heather Humphrey, principal interior designer at Alder and Tweed; Sylvanna Geha, a Boston-based interior decorator; and Katrina Teeple, CEO of Operation Organization and a professional organizer.

To select the best daybeds, we looked for products that are stylish, usable, comfortable and durable. Using guidance from our experts, as well as our own experiences with different furniture brands, we looked for highly rated options that are well-made and easy to assemble, prioritizing products that come in a range of sizes and offer multiple upholstery options, allowing you to customize the look to match your decor. The final products on this list reflect in-depth research conducted by our writer and meticulous vetting by the editorial team.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the best daybeds. Here’s what to look for.

Think about where your daybed is going to live and how it fits in your intended space. As Humphrey points out, daybeds are ideal for making the most out of smaller spaces, so they’re perfect for apartments, offices or cozy nooks. If you’re trying to fit a daybed into a tight space, opt for a piece with multiple size options and make sure to measure your room several times for accuracy.

A daybed is an investment and you want it to last. Pay attention to the materials used and look for sturdy frames and upholstery that can stand up to daily use. Humphrey recommends choosing fabrics that are soft to the touch, stain-resistant and durable in order to maintain the daybed’s look and feel over time. If you have children or pets, a performance fabric might be the best option, as it can withstand stains and fading much better than non-performance options.

A daybed should complement the aesthetic of your home; Geha recommends using accessories like pillows and throws to integrate the daybed into your room seamlessly. You want to make it look like a natural part of your space rather than a piece of furniture that was haphazardly placed there.

Decide how you intend to use the daybed and choose your features accordingly. If it’s for overnight guests, consider options with trundles or look for daybeds that can convert into a larger bed. Professional organizers like Katrina Teeple suggest daybeds with storage to keep extra pillows, blankets and more out of sight — but readily available should overnight guests need them.

Comfort is key, especially if the daybed is going to be used often and for sleeping. Make sure the mattress or cushioning is high quality and supportive. Some daybeds come with customizable cushion options to suit your preferences.

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