The best hybrid mattresses for a luxurious night’s sleep


Shopping for a new mattress can be exhausting. Whether you know exactly what you want in a mattress — perhaps you’re a hot sleeper looking for something both cooling and comfortable — or you can’t tell the difference between an isolated pocket coil and a continuous coil, we have your back.

Hybrid mattresses may be the key for choosy sleepers and undecided shoppers alike. Their multilayered design tends to combine the fluffy embrace of softer mattress materials with the durability of a supportive base.

“A hybrid mattress combines two or more types of mattresses, usually blending innerspring coils with materials like memory foam or latex for comfort,” says mattress expert and senior editor at Sleepopolis Bridget Chapman.

This combination results in a mattress that can provide an all-around better sleep than traditional memory foam or innerspring mattresses. Cut through the clutter of so many mattresses to choose from (whether you’re shopping for mattresses online or in-store) and find the best hybrid mattress for you below.

From hybrid mattresses that keep you cool to ones you can sink deeply into (but not too deep), here are the best hybrid mattresses on sale today.

Shop comfortably balanced hybrid mattresses from brands you know and love like Saatva, DreamCloud, and Casper below. We highlight top-quality mattresses that are available in a variety of sizes (twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king), but prices are listed for queen size mattresses.

The Saatva classic mattress comes with a plush, luxurious pillow top perfect for soft, cloudlike pressure relief. Shoppers can switch between three comfort levels (plush soft, luxury firm, or firm) to match their individual preferences.

Saatva’s patented Lumbar Zone Technology will prop you up with just the right amount of support. This can also help to improve spine alignment, regardless of your sleep position.

Shoppers can currently save $300 off the original price ($1,995 for queen size) by checking our top mattress today.

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Another popular hybrid mattress worth your attention is the midnight luxe mattress by Helix Sleep. This mattress is specially designed with side sleepers in mind: a memory foam support layer held up by a durable layer of more than 1,000 individually wrapped coils means you get a soft, cradling sleep that still provides plenty of lumbar and edge support.

Those coils also mean sleepers can enjoy an above-average level of motion isolation from this hybrid mattress. They also greatly reduce the risk of “sinkage” (a common problem with traditional memory foam mattresses).

This hybrid mattress normally sells for $2,374 (queen), but shoppers can save 20% with code BF20.

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If you want something plush to sink into, this mattress by DreamCloud is for you. True to its name, this hybrid mattress is all about supreme comfort: multiple foam layers and a breathable cashmere top will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on air.

Standing 14 inches tall, this hybrid mattress reinforces its plush foam layers with 8.5-inch individually wrapped coils. These round out this mattress’s soft, comfy feel with an added layer of support.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress typically sells for a total value of $1,332 (queen). Thanks to the company’s current sitewide 40% markdown, you can get this hybrid mattress in a queen size for just $799.

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Tired of scrolling past great hybrid mattresses online? The signature hybrid mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is a top-tier hybrid mattress that boasts “superior sleep at a factory direct price” according to Brooklyn Bedding.

“This affordable hybrid has three firmness options to accommodate different preferences,” says founder of Essential Home and Garden Aaron Green. “It offers good pressure relief, support, bounce and stays cool through the night.”

Typically available for $1,332 (queen), this hybrid mattress is 30% off when you use code VETERANS30.

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If you’re looking for a mattress that won’t alert your partner every time you need to get up, the Nova hybrid mattress by Casper would be a great fit. This mattress’s hybrid design combines two layers each of groove foam (great for body contouring and zoned support) and Casper’s patented AirScape Technology, which keeps sleepers cool.

Customers online generally agree that the Casper Nova hybrid mattress’s soft, contour-friendly top layers are well worth the cost of investment. If you have a hard time sleeping undisturbed, check this mattress out pronto.

This supportive hybrid mattress is currently 20% off (typical price for a queen size: $2,495).

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Shoppers holding out for a firm hybrid mattress are in luck: this Titan hybrid mattress offers a sturdy, sag-free design and long-lasting comfort.

This hybrid mattress’s high-density foam layers set you up with a strong level of support with next to no sinkage. These layers, bolstered by an innerspring base, also contribute to max pressure relief.

This mattress’s steel coils are topped by a highly breathable cooling technology in the form of a quilted top layer of gel memory foam. No more waking up covered in sweat — add this mattress to your bedroom collection to really change the game during hot or humid nights.

Typically available for $1,399 (queen), this hybrid mattress is 30% off when you use code VETERANS30.

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This luxury mattress by WinkBeds is the perfect choice to round our list of the best hybrid mattresses: nicely balanced in terms of pressure relief, plush cushioning, and overall support, this mattress is suitable for all body types — regardless of your sleeping position.

Available in four firmness levels (softer, luxury firm, firmer, and plus), there’s something for everyone with the signature WinkBed mattress. Decent pocketed coil support will keep you from sinking too deep into the mattress, while patented technology for motion isolation and targeted lumbar support can give pretty much anyone a well-rounded night’s sleep.

Thanks to WinkBeds’ sitewide sale, all mattresses are marked down by $300. That includes the signature WinkBed, which typically sells for $1,499 (queen).

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Are super-soft mattresses the best mattress types out there? What about a sturdy, supportive mattress? If you want something smack dab in the middle of these two, are you out of luck? A hybrid mattress is all about bringing together the best of both worlds with a layered design that can keep you cool and comfortable while propping you up with a durable base layer.

“The best hybrid mattresses usually have a base layer made from coils, then comfort layers on top made from memory foam or latex,” says Tom Ryan, product expert at Sleep Foundation.

These mattresses typically offer the best of both worlds when it comes to soft comfort and durability “because the coils provide very good support while the comfort layers relieve pressure and may even give you a hug-like feel when you lay on top,” according to Ryan.

Those foam comfort layers typically offer several inches of foam, latex, or polyfoam. Memory foam provides unparalleled body contouring that can ramp up the pressure relief for more sensitive areas while you sleep. Polyfoam gives sleepers a firmer experience that still moderately contours to the body, while latex is a bit more responsive.

Going deeper, the support core of most hybrid mattresses is made up of pocketed coils: these individually wrapped coils respond to your weight in a way that supports motion transfer — if you don’t want to disturb your partner while getting up for a late night glass of water, this is the level of isolated support you want.

These separate pocketed coils are also known as Marshall coils. Other, less common coil types you might come across include:

Hybrid mattresses tend to come with a higher price tag than memory foam mattresses or other types due to the additional materials needed to put together all those appealing layers.

“High-end hybrids cost over $1,500 while quality budget options run $800 to $1,200,” Green says. Most of the mattresses we reviewed fell into this price range, with some going as high as three or four thousand. Any new mattress is an investment, but you should absolutely save up between $1,000 and $2,000 before shopping for a top-quality hybrid mattress.

“Hybrid mattresses are great for couples who have different sleeping positions or firmness preferences,” says Ryan. “They [are also] good for hot sleepers, since there is usually less heat build-up in the materials.”

Remember to always “take into account your body weight and your sleeping position to make sure you receive proper support,” as Ryan points out.

Hybrid mattresses may be the best choice for you if your priorities include cooling comfort (perfect for hot sleepers), medium-firm support, or motion isolation. Look for hybrid mattresses with one or more layers of memory foam if you want a decent level of body contouring as well.

A hybrid mattress that has pocketed coils at its core will provide the best motion isolation, making that the best hybrid mattress option for couples.

“Figure out your budget as good mattress prices typically range from $1,500 to $2,000 for most queen-size options,” says Chapman. “It’s also important to evaluate your preferred firmness level on a scale from one to 10. Medium-firm mattresses are usually suitable for the majority of sleepers, but choose this based on your sleep position.”

While it’s not a perfect system, most bedding retailers rate their firmness with a relative scale between one and 10. This scale can help you understand the firmness level you’re looking for, especially when shopping for hybrid mattresses online:

“Consider other factors like your weight and whether you share the bed with a partner,” adds Chapman. “Heavier sleepers and couples should prioritize mattresses with good edge support, while hot sleepers should look for mattresses with temperature-regulating technology.”

In order to separate the best hybrid mattresses from the rest, we considered a number of important factors while making comparisons. For a closer look at how we review mattresses, here is what we prioritized:

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