The Best Murphy Beds For Any Purpose, Budget And Space


If you’re looking to maximize a small space, Murphy beds are a great option because you can easily fold them up or store them away to reveal a more spacious room. They’re a little different from a sleeper sofa, though, as they require assembly and are often drilled into your wall to support its weight. Many people use Murphy beds for guest rooms, dorms, apartments, or other small or temporary living spaces. The best Murphy beds fit your space while remaining quality built, functional and stylish.

We spent hours researching the best Murphy beds. Our research involved checking customer reviews on Amazon and brand websites. We also interviewed three subject matter experts who helped us choose the best Murphy beds.

When selecting the best Murphy beds, we examined the functionality, the installation process, the materials and design, the customer satisfaction, and any additional features related to the categories. For example, it was important that the best Murphy bed with a couch had a comfortable couch and that the best library Murphy bed could fit many books on the shelves. People favored Murphy beds with shelving or other functional purposes when stowed away, where the surfaces didn’t need to be cleared to pull out the bed. It was further favored if those surfaces were still accessible.

The option for a mattress by the same company provides convenience and was a favorable inclusion. Customers also favored designs with many options for color, mount point, and other customizations. People rarely favored options that lacked support or required extra components.