The Best Organic Pillows Are Luxurious And Planet-Friendly


Whether you’re a hot sleeper, a back sleeper or a person who curls up on one side for the entire night, choosing a supportive pillow that keeps your neck and spine aligned is essential for good sleep. If you’re sensitive to odors or don’t want to inhale off-gassing chemicals while you sleep, one of the best organic pillows may be the best option for you. Products that have earned third-party organic certifications verify that the materials and manufacturing processes are not harmful to people and the environment.

No matter what kind of pillow you currently use, if you haven’t replaced it recently, you may want to treat yourself to our top pick, the Avocado Green Pillow. We like its organic certifications and its lengthy trial period. Ahead, we’ve rounded up our favorite organic pillows for every kind of sleeper.

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We’ve included many good picks, but our favorite is the Avocado Green Pillow for its impressive list of organic certifications, adjustable fill options, and lengthy trial period of 100 days so you can try it out in real life.

How We Chose the Best Organic Pillows

To ensure all the products on this list live up to the “organic” label, we chose only organic pillows with stringent third-party certification by GOTS and/or GOLS, as well as other certifications such as Greenguard to ensure you’re purchasing products that do not contain high levels of VOCs, which can be harmful to your health. We also looked for companies which have earned other environmentally-conscious certifications, such as Climate Neutral Certified and a Certified B Corporation.

In addition to selecting pillows with third-party organic certification, we also looked at a product’s other features such as trial periods with free returns. We especially like pillows with a lengthy trial time so you can test them out in real life. That’s crucial because what one sleeper finds comfortable may be absolutely miserable for someone else. No matter what the majority of reviews say, the only review that really matters is your personal experience with the product.

Finally, we combed through hundreds of reviews, specifically looking at the negative ones. Products with few or a number of poor reviews were rejected, especially if the customer service did not stand up to its hype after the sale.

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