The Best Swaddles To Help Your Newborn Stay Cozy And Asleep


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The best swaddles are easy to use, keep babies cozy and prevent them from starting themselves awake — so the whole household sleeps better. “Babies like to sleep in a snug, tight position like they were in the uterus. That’s why we swaddle them,” says Dr. Daniel Ganjian, a pediatrician at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. “We call the newborn period the ‘fourth trimester’ because babies like everything to be like it was in the womb.”

The concept of swaddling is simple: Wrap a thin blanket snugly around your little one’s body with arms tucked in at the sides. It should be secure enough so they can’t wiggle out, while allowing for hip movement. Of course, this task sometimes proves complicated, especially when you’re trying to wrap up a wriggling, fragile newborn while you are sleep-deprived. That’s why we love styles like the Halo Sleepsack and the Happiest Baby Sleepea, which let you swaddle your baby in seconds flat. Ganjian adds that they’re considered safe to use until your baby starts to roll over. (You’ll find more on safety guidelines in our FAQ section below.)

We’ve rounded up the best swaddles for newborns and babies, plus expert tips on how to choose the right one for your family. From zip-and-Velcro designs to more traditional wraps, there’s an option for every swaddle style.

Best Swaddle Overall: Halo Sleepsack Cotton SwaddleBest Swaddle For Newborns: Happiest Baby SleepeaBest Value Swaddle For Newborns: SwaddleMe Original Swaddle WrapBest Nontraditional Swaddle: The Ollie SwaddleBest Swaddle For Hot Weather: Halo Swaddle Ideal TempBest Swaddle With Arm Pockets: Norani Baby Snugababe SwaddleBest Convertible Swaddle: Woombie Grow With Me Baby SwaddleBest Muslin Swaddle Blanket: Aden + Anais Essentials Muslin Swaddle BlanketsBest Luxury Swaddle Blanket: Loulou Lollipop Muslin SwaddleBest Swaddle For Babies Who Like Their Arms Up: Love To Dream Swaddle UpBest Multipurpose Swaddle Blanket: Copper Pearl Baby Swaddle Receiving Blanket Best Transitional Swaddle For Babies: Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Sleep Sack

Best Swaddle Overall

A Staff Favorite 2-In-1 Swaddle For Newborns And Up

Best Overall

Halo Sleepsack Cotton Swaddle

Type: 2-in-1 | Material: Cotton | Closure: Fastener, two-way zipper | Size: Preemie, newborn, small (up to 18 pounds)

Many of the moms we interviewed recommend Halo, making it our top all-around pick. The Sleepsack Swaddle for newborns, in particular, is a Forbes staff favorite because of its three-way design. Babies can be swaddled with arms in, hands-to-face or with one or both arms out; parents can choose which option works best for their sleeping baby as they grow. The sack design allows for leg movement and proper hip development. The sticky, Velcro-like closure on the flaps ensures a snug fit, while a two-way zipper simplifies diaper changes. It comes in a variety of colors, patterns, fabrics and sizes. Suffice it to say, there’s a reason it’s the No. 1 bestselling swaddling blanket on Amazon.

What parents say: “We used the Halo Sleepsack when our daughter was an infant; we loved how easy it was to swaddle her in it using the velcro, and it kept her warm in the winter,” shares Rachel Collins, senior data analyst of business operations at Forbes. Danielle Collins, senior director of client activation and paid social for Forbes, says, “We used Halo when we were ready to transition [our baby] out of swaddles and found this one the best to leave his arms out and just his body swaddled as he got used to that.”

Best Swaddle For Newborns

Designed By A Pediatrician Designed, Approved By Parents

Happiest Baby Sleepea

Type: Wrap | Material: Organic cotton | Closure: Velcro, two-way zipper | Size: Small, medium, large, extra-large (up to 33 pounds)

The Sleepea swaddle was designed by renowned pediatrician, author and creator of the Snoo Smart Bassinet Dr. Harvey Karp. It’s a cinch to put on, due to specially designed inner arm bands and a leg flap that snugly hug your baby to prevent startles. The escape-proof Velcro quietly unfastens, so it won’t jolt your baby awake during diaper changes or night feedings.

If your little one runs hot, you might also appreciate another standout feature of this design: mesh fabric at the shoulder and leg areas to reduce overheating. For the winter months, you might consider the Sleepea Comforter Swaddle. Snaps at the shoulder open up to let your baby’s arms out, meaning you can use it as a transitional swaddle. It comes in sizes for babies weighing 5 to 33 pounds, unzips from the bottom to the top and is available in many cute prints. We also love that it’s made with 100% certified organic cotton.

What parents say: “For my very active baby, I swear by The Happiest Baby Swaddle because it has the full-body zipper and he could never kick his way out of it,” says Forbes creative director Alicia Hallett-Chan. “It also transitioned to a regular sleep sack, so his arms could come out.”

Best Value Swaddle For Newborns

A Pack Of Three Easy-To-Use Swaddles

Best Value

SwaddleMe Original Swaddle Wrap

Type: Wrap | Material: Cotton | Closure: Wrap fastener, zipper | Size: Newborn, small/medium (up to 14 pounds)

The affordable SwaddleMe three-pack of wraps are similar in price to what you’d pay for just one swaddle from other brands. Made from 100% cotton, the swaddles are adjustable and feature wings that can be firmly secured around your baby with a Velcro-like fastener. Choose from a range of cute themed prints. These swaddles are easy to use and the price allows for parents to stock up on spares for those inevitable middle-of-the-night messes.

What parents say: “We absolutely swore by SwaddleMe,” says Danielle Collins. “Our little guy got out of traditional swaddles and this helped keep him nice and wrapped and snuggled. We used these for the majority of his newborn life.”

Best Nontraditional Swaddle

A Design That Grows With Your Baby And Provides Easy Diaper Access


The Ollie Swaddle

Type: Wrap, transitional | Material: Polyester, spandex | Closure: Velcro-like hook and loop fabric, gathered bottom with elastic | Size: One size

It’s the priciest pick in our lineup, but The Ollie Swaddle is the best non-traditional swaddle because it’s unique and user-friendly. It’s made from a soft and stretchy fabric blend that is tightened at the top with Velcro-like hook and loop closures, while the adjustable bottom is open — you gather and secure the fabric with an elastic band. We like that you can secure the top of the swaddle either with one or both of baby’s arms out, but its true crowning glory is the open bottom, which allows you to easily change your infant’s dirty diaper in the wee hours of the morning — all without having to undo the entire swaddle. The gathered bottom is loose enough for proper hip mobility while sleeping, and you can easily adjust the closure as he or she grows.

What parents say: “It’s one of the easiest and most intuitive designs I’ve encountered,” says Alexandra Frost, Forbes contributor and mom to five. “The elastic closure at the bottom makes it the one swaddle you’d need for as long as you could possibly want to swaddle. This makes it worth the price. It also seems cooler than some other swaddle fabrics, so it could be used year-round. My baby escaped other swaddles but hasn’t been able to squirm out of this one. My only critique is that the fabric near the neck isn’t contoured to accommodate the chin like some other swaddles, so it took a little trial and error to get the fabric around the face properly.”

Best Swaddle For Hot Weather

A Cooling Swaddle For Hot Days Or Sweaty Babies

Halo Swaddle Ideal Temp

Type: 2-in-1 | Material: Polyester, rayon, IntelliThread fibers | Closure: Wrap fastener, zipper | Size: Newborn, small (up to 18 pounds)

Swaddling your baby in the summer poses a challenge: You don’t want your baby to overheat, but you also want her to feel secure. This Halo swaddle was designed with all of those concerns in mind. It features a polyester-rayon blend of fabric embedded with the brand’s IntelliThread technology, which works to keep baby from overheating. This cooling pick possesses an adjustable design with options to swaddle baby with her arms in, her hands to her face or her arms out. It also has a roomy seat to foster healthy hip development. An inverted zipper with a scratch-free cover protects your baby’s face and makes it easier to change diapers in the middle of the night.

What parents say: “The Ideal Temp gave us more confidence overnight during the newborn stage especially,” says Lauren Soni, Forbes VP of product. “We failed miserably at learning to ‘swaddle’ by hand. When we weren’t using the Snoo for naps, the Halo Swaddle came to the rescue as a comparable swaddle that helped both babies transition to the crib.”

Best Swaddle With Arm Pockets

Special Sleeves Let Baby Sleep Hands Over Heart

Norani Baby Snugababe Swaddle

Type: 2-in-1 | Material: Organic cotton, spandex | Closure: Zipper, hook-and-loop | Size: 0 to 6 months

Some little ones sleep best with their tiny hand pulled in against their chest, and resist having their arms swaddled next to their sides. If this is your baby’s preferred sleeping position, the Norani swaddle is great option.

What parents say: “Having tested more swaddles than I can count, I really appreciated the ease of use of the Norani,” says co-author Lex Goodman. “The slots in the wings of the swaddle helped keep my baby’s arms securely in place all night (even though he regularly endeavored to break out of his swaddles). The biggest selling point, however, is the zip at the foot of the swaddle. This made middle-of-the-night diaper changes, especially during dream feeds, an easier experience for all. I did find the one-size-fits-most construction to be a bit large at first for my average-sized baby, but he grew into it. The stretchy fabric also allowed him to move his legs about and in theory would negate the need buy several sizes.”

Best Convertible Swaddle

A Cozy Zippered Sack With Many Conversions

Woombie Grow With Me Baby Swaddle

Type: Wrap, 2-in-1 | Material: Cotton, spandex | Closure: Zipper | Size: 0 to 18 months

The Woombie Grow With Me swaddle for newborns is similar to the Halo and also a bit like the Love To Dream swaddle. In the newborn position, your baby’s arms get zipped right into this soft, stretchy sleep sack, providing that cozy feeling but with some movement of the arms possible. It’s simple to use and has two-way zippers to ease middle-of-the-night changes. This swaddle leaves plenty of room at the bottom and along the sides of the sack for your baby to keep growing, so you can continue to use it as a sleep sack with their arms out. When your child starts rolling, you can unzip the sides and undo the snaps to reveal the arm openings. It’s made with a soft cotton and spandex blend and comes in a number of prints.

What parents say: “I have used other types of swaddle sacks and traditional swaddle blankets, but my baby girl is a Houdini in the making and always manages to escape,” writes one reviewer. “This is the only escape-proof swaddle we have found, and I love that it grows with her. Just a simple unzip and it gets longer and roomier. Plus, it allows her to pull her arms up to her chest and she can even nibble on the neck without it covering her face. It’s such a breeze to get her into, as well.”

Best Muslin Swaddle Blanket

Four Sweet Swaddle Blankets For $40

Editor’s Pick

Aden + Anais Essentials Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Type: Traditional swaddle blanket | Material: Cotton muslin | Closure: None | Size: 44 x 44 inches

Aden + Anais has built a following for its swaddle blankets as new parents collect the brand’s adorable designs and pass them on to siblings. Made from soft muslin, these blankets can be folded to form a traditional swaddle for your baby. The natural fibers have a gentle give that allows your baby some movement. However, they’re still very durable, which makes them the perfect hand-me-down treasures. One of the authors of this story says she passed Aden + Anais swaddles down to two families and they still look new. This style of blanket works best as a swaddle for newborns versus a more wriggly older baby. Bonus: The blankets double as burp cloths, nursing privacy covers and receiving blankets.

What parents say: “I really like the Aden + Anais Muslin swaddles because they a good size so that you can wrap the swaddle a few different ways,” shares Margaret Badore, Forbes Vetted commerce editor and mom of one. “They are also soft, lightweight and very versatile. I kept one in the diaper bag to use as a nursing cover or as a scarf for myself.”

Best Luxury Swaddle Blanket

Soft-To-The-Touch Swaddle That’s Big Enough To Be A Toddler Blanket


Loulou Lollipop Muslin Swaddle

Type: Traditional swaddle blanket | Material: Rayon from bamboo, cotton | Closure: None | Size: 47 x 47 inches

Loulou Lollipop swaddles are one of the best luxury swaddles on the market, and they’re less expensive than some other muslin competitors. The Loulou Lollipop blanket stands out because it feels silky compared to a stiffer muslin, due to its bamboo-rayon and cotton mix. It’s also breathable and multi-functional. We love that the swaddle stays put and won’t unravel if you have an active baby on your hands. The beautiful prints hold plenty of appeal, too. The large size means this swaddle blanket can also be unfurled to use as a car seat cover, tummy time play mat, nursing cover or toddler blanket.

What parents say: “Loulou Lollipop swaddles are the softest swaddles out there,” writes one reviewer. “They have incredibly cute patterns and my baby and I love them. I literally can’t say enough good things about them. Very breathable too. Perfect for the hot summers.” Another happy parent writes: “I love that it’s much bigger than your normal swaddle so you’re able to use it in so many different ways.”

Best Swaddle For Babies Who Like Their Arms Up

A Zip-Up Style That Gives Little Ones Some Arm Freedom

Love To Dream Swaddle Up

Type: Wrap, transitional | Material: Cotton, elastane | Closure: Two-way zipper | Size: Newborn, small, medium (up to 19 pounds)

For babies who sleep best with their hands by their heads, consider the Love To Dream Swaddle Up. Baby’s arms are zipped into the swaddle cocoon but have enough room to fidget, stretch a bit and even sleep with their arms up near their face. This swaddle couldn’t be easier to use, and the two-way-zip allows for easy entry and diaper changes. It’s available in a number of neutral shades and comes in three sizes, starting at newborn.

What parents say: “After a few months our infant would get her arms out of her swaddle. The Love To Dream was light and kept her cool in warmer months, and allowed her to move her arms more,” says Rachel Collins. Another Forbes mom says: “The Love To Dream arms-up swaddle was a lifesaver while we struggled through the Moro reflex transition. My girls did not want to be swaddled anymore, but they still couldn’t sleep with their arms free — and this provided just enough for us all to get the sleep we needed.”

Best Multipurpose Swaddle Blanket

A Stretchy, Extra-Large Swaddle That Kids Can Use For Years


Copper Pearl Baby Swaddle Receiving Blanket

Type: Traditional swaddle blanket | Material: Polyester, rayon | Closure: None | Size: 46 x 46 inches

Copper Pearl swaddles are among the best large swaddles and baby blankets. Thanks to the stretchy yet soft fabric, they’re incredible to use as swaddles for infants of all sizes, but they’re also lightweight enough that they work wonderfully once you have a toddler who might be ready to start using a blanket, which is safe after their first birthday. Because of the stretch, you don’t have to worry about swaddling too tightly. One of this story’s co-authors has used hers as a scarf during a nursing snafu, a play blanket and a cover for the car seat and stroller.

Plus, the brand is a team favorite. We tested crib sheets and found the Copper Pearl sheets to be the best. They held onto their soft, cozy feel despite numerous washings — just as these swaddles do.

What parents say: “We brought this swaddle to the hospital and used it with our son, and even the nurses commented how great these were,” says one mom. Another reviewer says: “The highest quality blanket I have ever used. This is my fourth child and I couldn’t be more impressed and regretful I didn’t find this sooner. My 2-week-old infant loves it. As soon as I swaddle him in the Copper Pearl blanket, he falls asleep immediately.”

Best Transitional Swaddle For Babies

A Transitional Pick For Babies Who Are Starting To Move

Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip Swaddle Sleep Sack

Type: Transitional | Material: Cotton or cotton blend | Closure: Zipper | Size: XS to XL (XL fits 34 pounds and up)

Babies can’t have their arms swaddled forever: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that you stop swaddling when your little one can roll over — usually around 3 or 4 months of age but sometimes younger. That’s where a transitional swaddle comes in. The Zipadee-Zip swaddle is a popular option with its starfish design; it gives a swaddle-like feel while allowing babies to move and push up on their arms. The swaddle, which was created by an exhausted mom, can help your baby get used to sleeping without their arms held in while still providing comfort and warmth. It’s made from lightweight muslin and is good for warmer weather. It’s simple to use: Just place your baby inside and zip it up.

What parents say: “This star-shaped swaddle was a lifesaver when it came to nap and bedtime as my son transitioned out of a traditional swaddle,” says Vetted’s senior updates editor Karen Tietjen. “We had a few, and truth be told, the fabric wasn’t the greatest (they easily pilled) and they seemed overpriced at first — but they worked, which made them well worth the money.”


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Our team has dedicated years to covering a wide variety of baby and kid products, ranging from the best parenting books to booster seats to electric toothbrushes for kids and everything in between. We’ve spent thousands of hours researching and testing baby and kids products in order to make the best recommendations. Furthermore, Forbes Vetted writers and editors are parents ourselves, meaning we know the nuances of getting baby to sleep safely and calmly — and which swaddles are actually up to the task.

In addition to our own hands-on experience, we tapped our network of pediatric experts to help us narrow down a handful of safe and effective options. For this story, we consulted pediatric physical therapist Dr. Brita DeStefano and pediatricians Dr. Daniel Ganjian, M.D., Dr. Ashanti Woods, M.D., and Dr. Mona Amin, D.O., FAAP.

We regularly update this list, to make sure our recommendations are still in stock, that it contains the latest medical guidance and that we’ve accounted for the latest models. This article was last updated in February 2024.

How We Chose The Best Swaddles

We took several steps to make our final selection of the best swaddles. First, we interviewed four pediatric experts to help us determine the main factors parents should keep in mind when looking for a safe and effective swaddle.

We then sought advice from the true experts — parents — to ask which swaddle styles they’d buy again. We surveyed over a dozen parents to get their recommendations, learned the pros and cons of each option. We deeply researched the most popular swaddle brands, which included sifting through dozens of verified online reviews and keeping in mind each product’s quality, function, cost and style. We made sure to include various styles for different preferences — both for babies and parents — and aimed to accommodate budgets across the board.

What To Consider When Choosing A Swaddle

Typically, swaddling is only done with very young babies or newborns. The idea is that a baby swaddle prevents the Moro reflex or startle response, thus helping newborns sleep more (and cry less). Swaddling also keeps infants warm without the use of loose blankets, which can be a suffocation hazard. Later, babies transition to wearable blankets or sleep sacks that allow their hands to remain free. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) confirmed in its latest sleep guidelines that swaddling won’t harm babies, Dr. Ganjian points out.

Overall, the best swaddles on the market are comforting and simple to put on, prevent even the most serious escape artists from wriggling out and are equal parts warm and breathable to prevent babies from overheating.

Swaddle Style And Closure

Infant swaddles exist in several forms: as traditional swaddle blankets, wrap swaddles, transitional swaddles, 2-in-1 options or sleep sacks (more on that soon). There are also variations that allow one or both arms to be out of the wrap.

Each style has its own unique perks. A zip-up swaddle allows for easy diaper changes in the night (especially if it unzips from the bottom) and holds up to repeat washings. Velcro swaddles allow you to get a snug fit easily, but may lose their ability to grip over time. Combination swaddles feature both a zip and velcro closure, allowing you to get the perks of each.

Finally, a traditional swaddle closes by tucking the remaining loose end into the swaddle after wrapping your baby. The benefit of this style is that it’s basically a thin blanket, and can have many different uses after your baby outgrows swaddling.


Most swaddles are made from cotton or muslin, which is generally recommended. However, there are many new transitional options that also include elastane or spandex, like the Ollie Swaddle, to make for a stretchy and snug fit. There are also ones like the Happiest Baby Sleapea Swaddle that are made from organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to note that, while weighted swaddles had a fanbase in the past, the AAP actually recommends against their use due to the risk of entrapment or suffocation.

Important Features

As you decide which option will work best for your family consider the features that are most important for you and your baby’s particular needs. Dr. Brita DeStefano, a pediatric physical therapist and movement specialist, advises to take note of the following: “Baby’s arm position (whether their arms are kept straight down or up by the side of their head), fastening method (from a basic muslin blanket wrap, to zippers and Velcro), and whether or not they can convert to a sleep sack or an arms-free style once baby graduates from swaddling.”

What Are The Types Of Swaddles?

The type of swaddle that’s best for your baby ultimately comes down to your baby’s preferences. Many prefer to have their arms secured for a snug feel, but some won’t tolerate it. Also, as your baby gets older, you want to choose a swaddle that allows her to move her arms in case she rolls over in her sleep. This might include a transition swaddle or one where the arms are completely free. As previously mentioned, there are several types of swaddles:

Traditional Swaddle Blankets

Traditional swaddles are what you think of when you think swaddles: a thin blanket that allows you to wrap a baby like a little burrito. The Aden + Anais Muslin Blankets, one of our editor picks, is a great example of ones that also double as nursing covers or burp cloths.

Wrap Swaddles

A wrap swaddle like the SwaddleMe Original is similar to a traditional option, but instead of tucking in the loose end of the blanket, the swaddle comes with a Velcro closure to make for a more simple process.

2-In-1 Swaddles

A 2-in-1 swaddle (such as the Halo Sleepsack), has elements of a swaddle, typically with wings that can be wrapped around a baby’s arms, but also has a looser leg area that mimics a sleep sack.

Transitional Swaddles

Lastly, a transitional swaddle helps to prepare your baby to say goodbye to swaddles and hello to sleep sacks (typically once they begin rolling over) and allows for different arm placements. While a transitional swaddle might seem too advanced for young babies, they can be helpful in creating consistency in your baby’s bedtime routine. For instance, as toddler mom Rachel Adame says: “The Zipadee-Zip Swaddles were my favorite because they transitioned as [my son] grew. From swaddles from the newborn stage to toddler, then pajamas now that he’s outgrown swaddles in general. They have them for all ages.”

Sleep Sacks Or Wearable Blankets

Sleep sacks, also called wearable blankets, are not swaddles. Instead, these are for older babies or babies who do not like to be swaddled. A sleep sack provides warmth, comfort and a tucked-in vibe, but they do not swaddle or restrict the baby’s arm movement at all.

Are Swaddles Safe?

Yes, swaddles are safe to use “if the proper precautions are taken,” says Dr. Ashanti Woods, M.D., a pediatrician at Baltimore’s Mercy Medical Center. Just keep the following recommendations in mind from the AAP:

Make sure you baby is on their back when swaddled. The swaddle should not be too tight or make it hard for your baby to breathe or move their hips. Stop swaddling your baby when it looks like they’re trying to roll over. Don’t use weighted swaddles or weighted objects in the swaddle.

Can Newborns Use Swaddles?

Yes, newborns can use swaddles, following all the tips above from the AAP. “It can help create a snug feeling like baby had in the womb,” Ganjian adds.

What Are The Best Swaddles For Newborns?

“Any swaddle where the top portion can stay just below the shoulders to avoid being in the face” is best, says board-certified pediatrician Dr. Mona Amin, D.O., FAAP, who’s based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “Swaddles with Velcro are great, because they can help keep it in place so the swaddle doesn’t move,” she adds.

Our top swaddle pick for newborns is the Happiest Baby Sleepea, or the Halo Sleepsack Swaddle — our pick for the best swaddle overall — in the newborn size.

What Swaddle Is The Hardest To Break Out Of?

Generally speaking, swaddles with hook-and-loop fabric (like Velcro) or zippers are harder for newborns to break out of than traditional swaddles that use a single piece of fabric.

At What Age Should You Stop Swaddling Your Baby?

Babies need to transition out of a swaddle when they start to roll over, usually around 3 to 4 months old, according to the AAP. This can also happen at just 2 months of age. The authors of this piece, both parents, personally found that they transitioned their babies from a swaddle to a sleep sack around 3 months of age.

Pediatric physical therapist DeStefano recommends considering the following factors when transitioning: “First, from a safety perspective you must stop swaddling as soon as your baby can roll over from their back to their tummy. I like to educate parents on the signs that rolling is coming soon (such as baby grabbing for their toes) so that they can be proactive about dropping the swaddle before baby rolls for the first time,” she explains.

“Second, from a movement perspective, we know that babies practice their motor skills in their sleep space. Giving them some freedom of movement during the night by transitioning out of the swaddle earlier (between 8 to 12 weeks) may allow for them to master those skills sooner,” DeStefano adds. Of course, be sure to consider your babies needs, your own level of comfort and the advice of your family’s pediatrician before taking the plunge.

What Happens If My Baby Rolls Over In A Swaddle?

Babies have a higher risk of suffocation if they roll over in a swaddle. That’s why it’s important to stop swaddling your baby’s arms as soon as they start showing signs of rolling over. DeStefano explains: “Rolling is a very exciting milestone for babies, and while it may disrupt sleep for a short period of time, it is ultimately a great foundational skill for them to master. In fact, many babies are more comfortable sleeping on their belly once they can independently roll into and out of that position.”

As a parent however, she understands how uncomfortable this change can be for moms and dads. “My advice for parents going through this transition is to practice rolling as much as possible during the day to help their baby feel confident in the skill.”

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