The Best Twin Mattresses To Help You Sleep Great — Even In A Small Space


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The best twin mattresses are really just smaller versions of some of the best mattresses of any size — the same materials, care and workmanship go into making a great twin size mattress as a bigger one. Twin beds are a great choice for small spaces and kids who are growing, but still need a mattress that will last them for years. Regardless of whether you’re looking for the best twin mattress to meet your own needs or one to accommodate your growing child, we put our mattress expertise to work.

Our top pick is the Nectar Premier Copper, but if that selection isn’t for you, we also recommend a variety of options made from an array materials, in addition to models that work for different budgets and sleep styles. That includes an organic latex option designed for kids and a classic memory foam mattress that offers optimal pressure relief. Of course, there are plenty of other options on our list as well, from very firm to pillowy soft. Here are our favorite twin mattresses.

Best Twin Mattress Overall: Nectar Premier Copper MattressBest Budget Twin Mattress: Leesa Studio MattressBest Twin Mattress For Kids: Avocado Eco Organic Kids MattressBest Twin Hybrid Mattress: Leesa Sapira Hybrid MattressBest Memory Foam Twin Mattress: Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt MattressBest Twin Mattress For Edge Support: Saatva Classic MattressBest Soft Twin Mattress: Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid MattressBest Firm Twin Mattress: Plank Firm Mattress

Best Twin Mattress Overall

A Crowd-Pleasing Mattress With A Medium-Firm Feel


Nectar Premier Copper Mattress

Buy From Nectar

Type: Foam or Hybrid | Firmness: Medium firm | Trial period: 365 nights (one year) | Warranty: “Forever” Warranty

The Nectar Premier Copper Mattress is a great option for most people, with a balanced medium-firm level of support that will have wide appeal regardless of your sleep position. Though it’s pricier than some of our other picks, at around $1,000 for a twin it’s not outrageously expensive. The mattress takes its name from the copper that’s woven into the cover, which the company claims helps “dispel heat,” and is paired with other “heat absorbent” fibers. Below that are several layers of foam which provide pressure relief, support and stability. All in all, it’s a mattress we don’t think you can go wrong with. But on the off chance you get it and find it isn’t quite right, the company also offers a longer-than-average trial and return period, giving you a full year to use it from the comfort of your own home before you’re locked in.

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Best Budget Twin Mattress

An Option That’s Less Than $600 From A Brand We Love

Leesa Studio Mattress

Buy From Leesa

Type: Hybrid | Firmness: Medium firm | Trial period: 100 nights | Warranty: 10 years

The Leesa Studio Mattress is a stellar option for anyone looking to spend less money on their mattress without compromising on quality. The bed is made from three layers of foam — an uppermost memory foam layer, a central comfort layer with air capsules for cooling and finally a base stability layer. Combined, they offer a medium firm feel that the company ranks as a 5-7 on a firmness scale out of 10. The mattress also has Certipur-US foam and a Greenguard Gold certification, which demonstrate that the materials are high quality and won’t off-gas. With sale prices dipping under $400 for a twin, the cost is tough to beat.

Best Twin Mattress For Kids

An Organic Mattress With Impressive Safety Credentials

Avocado Eco Organic Kids Mattress

Buy From Avocado

Type: Latex hybrid | Firmness: Medium firm | Trial: 365 nights (one year) | Warranty: 10 years

This mattress tops our list of the best kids mattresses because it meets a robust list of third-party safety standards. It’s both Greenguard Gold and Made Safe certified, as uses organic cotton and wool. With just 7 inches in height, it works well on different types of children’s beds, like bunk beds and trundle beds. It’s free from synthetic foam and fiberglass. Rose Gordon Sala, who oversees baby and kids gear for Forbes Vetted, got this mattress for her son who has asthma and allergies. “Mostly I just feel great about him sleeping on this ultra clean mattress as he grows,” she says.

Best Twin Hybrid Mattress

Strikes A Balance Between Support And Comfort

Leesa Sapira Hybrid Mattress

Buy From Leesa

Type: Hybrid | Firmness: Medium firm | Trial period: 100 nights | Warranty: 10 years

The Leesa Sapira Hybrid strikes a great balance between providing support, thanks to a coil base and cushy comfort that comes from three layers of foam. The mattress has cooling features as well — the uppermost foam comfort layer is perforated to promote airflow, and the cover is made from viscose and rayon blend that is designed to wick moisture away. The mattress provides great support for all sleep positions, and its medium-firm feel will appeal to almost any sleeper, which is one of the reasons we love it.

Best Memory Foam Twin Mattress

A Cushy Option That’s Available In A Hybrid And All-Foam Version

Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress

Buy From Tempur-Pedic

Type: Memory foam or hybrid | Firmness: Soft, medium or firm | Trial: 90 nights | Warranty: 10 years

The Tempur-Pedic Tempur-Adapt Mattress is a great choice for folks who love the cushy and cradling feeling of memory foam, and want the option to select their firmness. The mattress can be configured based on exactly what you’d like — you can opt for three different models and multiple firmnesses: soft, medium, medium hybrid or firm. If you’re looking for a pressure-relieving mattress, or have had and swear by memory foam mattresses in the past, this might be just the thing.

Best Twin Mattress For Edge Support

A Hybrid That Comes In Three Firmness Levels

Saatva Classic Mattress

Buy From Saatva

Type: Hybrid | Firmness: Soft, luxury firm or firm | Trial: 365 nights (one year) | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

The Saatva Classic Mattress isn’t like most mattresses you order online. It comes with white glove delivery, even for a twin size. The design of the mattress itself also allows for far better edge support than many other beds you can order online. The mattress’s edges are surrounded with “high density foam rails,” which make the sides of it firmer and more stable. You can rest assured that with a Saatva mattress, sleeping near the edge won’t mean nearly falling off the bed. Given the smaller size of twin mattresses, we think it’s a great feature to keep in mind when shopping for one. The mattress is also great at cooling, as its spring base permits ample airflow. Plus, it comes in three different firmness levels, so you can choose what’s best for your sleep preferences.

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Best Soft Twin Mattress

Soft Enough For Side Sleepers, But Still Supportive

Nest Bedding Sparrow Signature Hybrid Mattress

Buy From Nest

Type: Hybrid | Firmness: Plush, medium or firm | Trial: 365 nights (one year) | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

The Nest Sparrow Hybrid comes in three firmness levels, and we think that the “plush” option — the company’s softest — is a great choice for side sleepers who prefer a cushy sleep surface, over a firm and buoyant one. The firmness difference is achieved by changing one layer, the uppermost piece of foam. The other layers, a foam support piece and base comprised of coils, remain the same. The beauty of this structure lies in the company’s “lifetime renewal exchange” policy, which allows customers to swap out the uppermost layer for a new one, or a different firmness level, one time (with no time constraints). That said, if you choose the wrong firmness for the upper layer and find it’s a bit too soft, simply contact the company and they’ll send a new layer free of charge that you can put in the mattress yourself.

Best Firm Twin Mattress

For Sleepers Who Crave Extra Support

Plank Firm Mattress

Buy From Plank

Type: Foam | Firmness: Extra firm or firm | Trial: 120 nights | Warranty: 10 years

This mattress tops our list of the best extra-firm mattresses, thanks in part to an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association. You might be surprised to learn that the Plank mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is not a hybrid with springs, but instead uses two types of high-density foam to create its firm support structure. This design also gives you the option to flip the mattress and choose between two firmness levels — one side is firm and the other side is extra-firm. For those who sleep hot, you can add an optional cooling cover.


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