The Human Dog Bed We Love Is on Sale Right Now


If you’ve ever looked at your dog’s bed and wished you had one of those for you, here’s a deal to take advantage of.

We trip over the phrase “human dog bed.” Is it a human bed for dogs or a dog bed for humans? The Plufl Human Dog Bed (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is definitely made for people, which is why WIRED reviewer Medea Giordiano tested it instead of a furry friend. She loved lounging, reading, and even napping in it, thanks to the plush sides and memory foam base.

If you, too, like to rest while curled into a little ball instead of stretched out on a mattress like a normal person, now’s your chance: The Plufl is nearly half off. The company is running a Sleep Week deal from now until Saturday, March 16. You won’t want to miss your chance to get a Plufl for such a good price — or the chance to get a discounted additional cover, if you’re already a Plufl owner.

This is made for anyone who loves to lounge. Giordano says the bolster sides and memory foam base cradled her perfectly for activities like reading, watching TV, scrolling TikTok, and even taking a nap. You can also adjust how thick your bolster pieces are by removing some of the stuffing, but Giordano found the standard stuffing was comfortable enough to support her head and easy to lie down in. She recommends adding a stiff pillow to sit up.

The Plufl also has certifications we usually find in organic mattresses. The base is CertiPUR (no chemicals like formaldehyde, lead, or flame retardants), and the cover is Oeko-Tex certified (independently verified to be free of harmful substances). It’s a nice combo and makes the investment a little more worth it.

If you’re already a Plufl owner, or are having trouble deciding which color to get, you can get a spare cover right now for a little cheaper than usual. The Oeko-Tex certified cover is made of plush polyester faux fur, and it’s machine washable. Only the beige and gray colors are available as extra covers.