These organic mattresses are also super fire-resistant


Since 2007, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has made sure that mattresses have flame-retardant materials. That should give everybody peace of mind. But there’s a catch.

Not all flame retardant options are equal. Some manufacturers opt for cheaper, more readily available chemicals and materials to pass flammability tests. Fiberglass, polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), boric acid, and melamine are all materials you should avoid due to possible health risks.

Instead, look for health-friendlier alternatives such as natural latex or wool. The best organic mattresses contain one or more layers of wool for optimum flame resistance — without any unwanted chemicals or materials. Find the best fireproof mattresses made with safe, organic materials below.

Our top picks for mattresses are comfy, fireproof and made of premium materials that will help you sleep better at night.

Shop organic mattresses from trusted brands like Nolah and Saatva below. All prices below are for queen size, but all listed mattresses are available in sizes ranging from twin / twin XL to California king.

With a 4.9 out of five star rating from customers, this is one of the biggest sellers when it comes to luxurious, environmentally-friendly and hypoallergenic mattresses.

This organic hybrid mattress features layers of GOTS-certified organic wool for flame resistance and natural Talalay latex for increased breathability. These layers are reinforced by a layer of coils for solid support as well.

Shoppers who act fast can benefit from Nolah’s sitewide early access Presidents’ Day sale, which includes 35% mattress discounts and free fluffy pillows on select purchases.

The Nolah Natural 11-inch mattress is not eligible for free pillows add-ons, but it is marked down from an original price of $2,099.

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The Avocado Green mattress brings together multiple natural comfort layers with an ergonomic pressure-point support system for a rejuvenating sleep — especially if you sleep on your back or stomach. Featuring GOLS-certified organic cotton and latex, this mattress is both highly fireproof and free of any unwanted or harmful chemicals.

This organic mattress also features FSC-certified Talalay latex and is needle-tufted by hand in Los Angeles. There is also a notable (and clearly labeled) absence of polyurethane foam or fire retardants, so no worries about fiberglass or other hidden health risks here.

Shoppers can currently save up to $1,360 off of select Avocado mattresses. The flagship Avocado Green mattress is no exception — this model is currently on sale for $1,799 (down from $1,999).

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The best hybrid mattresses bring together multiple, cushy layers with traditional innersprings to bring sleepers the best of both support worlds. While the Avocado Green mattress wins our vote for most comfortable, the Saatva latex hybrid deserves a spot on our list as the most balanced hybrid mattress on the market today.

Featuring natural support layers made of hypoallergenic latex and a core made of pocketed coils that respond to your body’s shape and movements, the Saatva latex hybrid offers enhanced lumbar support for any sleep position.

And yes, this organic Saatva mattress is free of harmful chemicals or fillers, instead made of materials including GOLS-certified natural latex. A layer of GOTS-certified New Zealand wool acts as a natural flame barrier.

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