These robot mops are up to 55% off — just in time for spring cleaning


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Spring is on its way, and you know what that means: It’s time to start cleaning.

Vacuum those carpets, buy a new mattress, pick up some new kitchen gadgets – -whatever you need to do for a whole-house refresh. Spring cleaning is all about getting rid of the old and welcoming the new. And that includes getting those hard floors of yours that you might’ve been neglecting squeaky clean. These days you don’t have to do that yourself. A robot mop can handle it all for you.

Like robot vacuums, robot mops can be programmed to clean on a schedule. They can power through tough dirt, mop up unruly pet hair and even replace mop pads on their own. Some even come loaded aboard robot vacuums, creating a powerful hybrid machine that can give you a break from all kinds of drudgery.

So, what’s the rub? Robot mops can be a little pricey. But we’ve scoured the best robot mops on sale right now. Whether you want an affordable bot to schedule weekly mopping sessions, or you need to a heavy-duty robot mop to tackle huge messes, there’s an option for you — and it’s on sale now. It’s time to kick back and enjoy a book on your Kindle while you put the robots to work.

This robot mop is small and unassuming, but that’s part of what makes it one of our favorite picks. It can tackle multiple rooms in one go, powering through dirt and grime with its durable chassis, and at an affordable price. It’s great for both smaller and larger homes with its ability to tackle larger messes on its own, from hardwood floors to tile, stone and beyond.

It uses vSLAM navigation to learn your house’s layout as it builds its own unique smart maps, so it’ll avoid bumping into stairs and other obstacles. It can run on scheduled cleaning cycles, or you can ask it to handle an on demand-mess in certain areas — all you need to do is ask it via voice command or through its mobile app.

One of its most exciting features is its ability to stop cleaning when it’s low on battery, then recharge itself and return to the job it was handling before. It’s like having another human on hand to clean your house, only it’ll work as long as you need it to, and you don’t have to pay it.

Jokes aside, this multi-purpose mop will get you through spring cleaning and beyond with plenty of panache.

While any robot vacuum can tackle hard floors, this model’s expertise lies in restoring their shine. It comes with a special solution for that, while also handling all the other mopping jobs you’ll need.

It uses a two-tank cleaning system to both vacuum and mop your floors. Its dry vacuum cleaning mode uses dual spinning edge brushes and a rotating brush roll with suction up to 1500 Pa, so you can sweep up debris before deploying the mop. The mop portion uses rotating, replaceable mop pads to clean tile, linoleum and sealed hard floors.

While there are few smart components to this mop and vacuum hybrid, it does feature a soft surface avoidance feature that keeps it from bumping into chairs, tables and other obstacles.

This affordable mop is a fantastic choice for anyone who needs cleaner floors, on the double. And if you have a lot of hardwood flooring in your home, it’s a no-brainer.

This vacuum-mop hybrid is a powerful tool for getting rid of pet hair. Pets can be difficult to clean up after as it is, so make things easier on yourself with a mop that knows exactly how to handle this situation.

The model is unique for its automatic mop pad management; it can reload on its own without you having to touch the used pads. Once the mop is finished cleaning one area, it will lift the old mop pad out of the way. That cuts out a huge step for you to manage.

It can clean up your carpets and rugs, then move seamlessly to a hard floor, scrubbing away pet hair, dirt and grime with ease. Thanks to its 360-degree LiDAR navigation tech, it can find its way around your home easily without excessive input from you. However, you can create your own zones for the mop to avoid as well as schedule cleanings and name rooms that it’s allowed in via the included app.

If you have pets or plan to get them, this mop is a great option that can also work beautifully as a vacuum.

Sometimes you want to splurge on a premium gadget. For many, this robot mop and vacuum combination will be the Cadillac of the entire category.

This automated cleaning station is all about taking away the tasks that you need to handle and tackling them itself. For instance, it can self-empty its reservoir of 90 days of dust and dirt and washing wipes with hot water to sanitize. It can also refill its own water reservoir from its built-in water tank. When finished mopping, it uses hot air to dry the floor so it’s done in minutes.

It can even raise its mop on its own should it detect a carpet nearby, up to 15mm. With AI-controlled obstacle avoidance and machine learning, this robot can even learn on its own to move out of the way of objects that are potentially in its way. Pair that with its powerful dual rotating mopping system meant to mimic a human doing the same thing, and you’ve got an extremely capable robot mop. Its 25,000 RPM motor means you can expect a great clean just about any time you run it.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg, as the mop has a wide variety of additional features for the price. This is truly one of the best you’ll find on the market.

Don’t want to spend a fortune on a robot mop? This hybrid vacuum and mop option is a cheap and reliable buy that can get your home squeaky clean.

It has five cleaning modes, with manual, smart, edge, spot, and random cleaning options, all managed by voice control or its included remote. It also has an electronic water pump and adjustable three-level water output for a customizable clean.

You can clean dirt and debris with the vacuum mode and its 2700 Pa suction, and if it needs to juice up more before it starts its mopping routine, it can return to its charging station on its own.

This is a no-frills vacuum without many of the bells and whistles you might have come to expect from some of its more expensive brethren, but it’s still capable of handling messy floors and getting them sparkling clean. For under $200, you can’t ask for much more than that.

Shopping for a robot mop? Keep in mind that they aren’t exactly like robot vacuums, though a lot of them have vacuum capabilities on board. For one thing, you’ll want to check out the model’s water management system, which is how the mop dispenses and controls water flow. Consider tank capacity, because larger tanks mean fewer refills for bigger spaces. Some mops will can automatically refresh water from a built-in reservoir.

Also look for customizable cleaning via smartphone app. Schedule cleanings, set no-go zones and adjust water usage for different floor types. Voice control lets you hand over the scheduling to your favorite voice assistant. Because, if you don’t want to mop or vacuum, you probably don’t want to get up and mess with your phone every time you clean.

Cleaning pads matter too. Disposable pads are convenient, while washable pads are eco-friendly and more affordable long-term. Some robot mops will change out their own pads and keep things sanitary, while others will require you to change your own.

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