Toddler & Kids Bedroom Furniture Sale


The Eastfield Standard Bunk Bed is an all-time favorite when it comes to a space-saving sleeping solution! Crafted with strong and solid metal, the Eastfield bunk bed introduces forms and functions to the bedroom with its streamlined silhouette. With an industrial loft appeal, this bunk bed has a lower height than the average bunk bed, making it ideal for smaller spaces. Built with your child’s needs in mind, this bunk bed comes with a secured ladder that is integrated into the frame, lending a hand when it’s time to hop in. The Eastfield also includes 12.5″ full-length guardrails to ensure the utmost safety for the top bunk sleeper. Both top and lower bunk, include secured metal slats that fully support the mattress and sleeper without requiring an additional foundation; what’s more, the slats allow for better air circulation for your mattresses, making them last longer. This compact and space-friendly bunk bed is designed to be a great sleeping companion for children, teenagers, and adults as it comes in various size combinations that suit every need out there. Here is to a well-made bunk bed!