Tough mattress stains disintegrate with cleaner’s tried and tested home remedy


Mattress stains are caused by many different things. You could spill something, a bodily fluid may come into contact with a mattress, or dust and dirt can make their mark.

Common substances that stain mattresses include sweat, urine, blood, and stray food or drink. Even dust, pet hair, and pollen can lead to stains or discolouration on a mattress as – left unchecked – they can accumulate.

Having found a way to remove mattress stains, a cleaner took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page to share her discovery.

Posting before and after photos of her mattress, Lucy Hill wrote: “I just wanted to share this tip I found online a while ago when I was struggling with sweat and blood stains on my mattress.

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