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Shopping for a comfortable couch can be tricky. While you can head to a local furniture store, they may have a small stock and limited styles and colors. But buying online can pose its own challenges — everyone who’s bought a mattress on Amazon knows what I mean. Without seeing it in person before purchasing, you may not be happy with the depth, height, or width once it’s delivered. Plus, you can’t get a real feel of the fabric.

Navigating through a sea of options, a limited sensory experience, and the constant battle of deciphering colors and textures on a screen — that’s what makes buying a couch online hard, says Bilal Rehman, interior designer and CEO of Bilal Rehman Studio. But if you’re patient and willing to put in a little extra effort to sift through online reviews, the process can also be pretty fun. Besides, most couches often come with a return policy. So if worse comes to worst, you can opt for an exchange.

To help with the process of online shopping, we tapped a couple of interior designers and sifted through a bunch of reviews to help us pick the most comfortable couches online. If you’re ready for some new seating, here’s a list of 18 most comfortable couches you can shop right now. From couches under $500 to sleeper sofas, this list has something for everyone.

Convertible Modular Sectional Sofa

This couch may be the coziest on the list. Fluffy and beyond soft, the modular style is also super modern. If you loved splashing on to bean bags as a teen, this is probably the adult version of that. What’s cool about this one is that you can convert it from a three-seater into a two-seater that’s paired with a chaise. Reviewers agree overall that the couch excels at aesthetics, with several commenting that they love how it looks in their home. However, they disagree about how soft it is. One customer said that the couch felt super soft and comfy, while others said it was on the harder side.

The Carmine

Despite the hefty price tag, Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D, is a fan of this couch from Maiden Home. “This one is a classic silhouette,” she says. “But I appreciate Maiden Home’s sleek design sense and delivery of a high-quality product.” It’s built with a classic frame, but the fan-pleated rolled arms give it a more modern look. Every seat is designed to be durable and sturdy, since they’re designed with eight-way hand tied springs.

Countless reviewers of this Maiden Home couch praise its craft and comfort. “I am a designer and have ordered sofas in much higher price ranges that have not performed this well,” wrote one customer. One customer did say that they had trouble with its delivery, though, that they acknowledge that it may have been out of Maiden Home’s control.

The Sofa

Moszczynski says she’s a fan of Floyd furniture because they keep sustainability in mind. The brand is aiming to become one of the first carbon neutral brands. She likes this particular sofa because of its flexibility in configuration. You can get it as a two-seater, three-seater, or a three-seated with a chaise. It features clean lines and stain-resistant fabric that’s easy to clean after a messy mistake. Plush, soft cushions made the couch cozy, and its steel legs and birch frame make it durable.

Reviewers rave that this couch is durable, comfortable, and not too bulky. Several customers said they liked its open legs, which make it super easy to clean under the couch. One caveat, on the other hand, is that several customers complained about shipping taking too long. So, you might have to factor in some extra wait time before getting your hands on this couch.

Chenille Sofas

This super soft chenille couch has a detachable sofa cover so you can wash it when spills happen. It also has extra-wide arm rests that are ideal for laptop work (or space for your morning coffee). If you’ve got pets or children in your home, you’ll like that this sofa’s cover is detachable, making it easy to throw in the wash for a quick cleaning.

Reviewers say they love this couch’s modern look, especially its clean lines. They also say it sits very comfortably, even though it’s a little too low to the ground. Overall, its assembly is easy, customers say, and it makes a great addition to most living spaces.

Siggy Genuine Leather Sofa

This leather couch is sturdy, thanks to square legs and wide arm rests. The cushions on this genuine leather couch are filled with goose feathers, so they are extra plush. Additionally, its padded square added can also serve as a comfy space to lay your head or arms. The leather upholstery also makes the couch super easy to wipe down.

In addition to being comfortable, customers say that the leather upholstery gives this couch a very elegant look. They also agree that it’s very to put together and wipe down when spills or mess occur.

Lamb’s Wool Fabric Sofa

Talk about soft! This lambswool sofa has pillow-like cushions for an extra fluffy feel. Plus, the cushions are extra deep — perfect for taking naps during your next Netflix binge.

Rave Review: “Most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever owned. It fits perfectly in smaller spaces, but still feels large and luxurious.”

Luxury Mid-Century Modern 3-Seater

This mid-century modern couch is made of high-quality vegan leather. It also has extra wide cushions and armrests for super comfortable seating.

Rave Review: “It’s more firm than I think I originally wanted, but I think I actually like it better this way. I fall asleep wayyyy too easy on this thing, and delivery was amazing.”

Sectional Sleeper Sofa

Not only does the fabric couch have two chaises, but it’s made with high-resilience memory foam, too. Translation: It’s comfy and cozy. Plus, it’s sleek enough to fit into any aesthetic.

Rave Review: “It is comfy and [made from] memory foam so it is nice to sleep on. It’s also a great size. The material is more durable than I thought and it has velcro to keep cushions in place.”

Convertible Sectional Sleeper Sofa Bed

Modular couches are perfect for plenty of space and hidden storage. This one has plenty of both, and its sections can be rearranged into any shape you want to fit your space.

Rave Review: “This is amazing…If you’re planning to move, it’s great, since you won’t need a truck to move it. If you get tired of the look of your living room, you can just change the layout. It has plenty of storage and is super comfortable.”

Velvet Sofa

Velvet is a luxurious textile to add to your living space. With rounded legs and sloped arms, this couch is equally stylish and comfy. There’s also an option to buy a matching accent chair because why not?

Rave Review: “This couch is very comfortable…It’s something I could sit on and watch TV for a while. The velvet is super soft and the color of the couch is a greenish blue. I was able to put this together by myself in 15 minutes.”

Mid Century Modern Couch

If you prefer a mid-century modern look for your space’s aesthetic, this couch delivers (and has an affordable price to boot). It’s made with neutral upholstery and tufted button cushions that also elevate the look and feel. Loveseats, like this one, are also great for small spaces, since they’re less wide than other couches.

Rave Review: “For the price paid, this cream linen loveseat has style and comfort beyond its price. The slanted wood legs give it a modern style. The assembly (screw in legs, slide the sides and back onto the base using pre-installed metal glides) took perhaps two minutes — a welcome surprise.”

Double Extra Wide Chaise Lounge Couch

Need an extra large couch? This one has two chaise lounges, so you won’t have to fight anymore for the comfiest spot on the couch. It’s also super plush and made with velvet upholstery for a dreamy feel.

Rave Review: “This is a beautiful vivid color — perfect sofa!!! I couldn’t ask for better. Perfect length. It’s the perfect texture. I am so pleased and even impressed on how they packaged it. Easy to put together.”

Chloe Futon Sofa Bed

This couch is so chic you probably couldn’t tell it’s actually a futon. The back folds down into a bed, so your extra guests can get a good night’s sleep. It’s also designed in a sleek Scandinavian style and comes in six different colors.

Rave Review: “I spent over three hours researching futons/convertible couches and this is one of the best brands on Amazon! It’s extremely comfortable and sturdy. We love the removable arm rests. It’s low to the ground, but very comfortable and stylish. We bought the pink/rose color and it’s true to the color they provide.”

Chenille L-Shaped Couch

The golden hue of this L-shaped couch with a cozy chaise is stunning. With metal legs and wide, deep cushions and armrests, it delivers on style points and comfort.

Rave Review: “[I] wanted a couch with big arms and this delivered modern comfort and high quality structure and materials. Easy assembly and straight-forward.”

Sofa With Charging Ports

You’ll never have to get off the couch again to charge your phone with this couch, which has two USB charging ports for convenient charging for all your electronics. Plus, there are side pockets for extra storage space. It’s on the smaller side, but incredibly affordable.

Rave Review: “It’s just the right size for the small living space I have in my living room, but can still seat two people comfortably. Assembly was easy and took about 30 minutes for two people.”

2-in-1 Pull-Out Sofa Bed

If you get a lot of visitors, a pull-out sofa is a necessity. And this one comes with a ready-to-sleep-on queen-sized foam mattress that folds easily into the couch when not being used.

Rave Review: “This pull-out loveseat exceeded my expectations. The sturdiness, finishing, materials, and functionality are great.”

L -Shaped Velvet Couch

The extra wide chaise on this couch is its best asset. Snuggle up with your sweetie or spread yourself out for an epic movie marathon. There’ll be plenty of naps to come with this one.

Rave Review: “It’s firm, but very comfortable. Low enough to be toddler safe as well. The velvet is super soft and the whole couch looks really good. Can’t beat the price! Highly recommend.”

Button Tufted Tuxedo Sofa

A tuxedo sofa is one of the sleekest designs you can buy, thanks to its high armrests and sharp angles. This one comes with bolster pillows for the perfect accent. At less than $500, it’s also pretty affordable compared to other options.

Rave Review: “The color is gorgeous, it’s soft, and the cushions are exactly right. I fall asleep on it all the time, but you don’t feel like you’re sinking into it when you sit down. I’m very happy with it!”

How we chose the most comfortable couches

For the past few weeks, Women’s Health editors vetted the bestselling, top-rated most comfortable couches. Our team consulted Bilal Rehman, interior designer and CEO of Bilal Rehman Studio, and Alice Moszczynsk, an interior designer at Planner 5D, and then evaluated thousands of customer reviews and ratings to narrow down the most comfortable couches for a wide range of needs and preferences.

If you’re in the market for a new couch, starting your search can be super overwhelming. Here are three things to help you narrow down your search and find the right couch for your space.

Consider the Cushioning

Look for a couch with high-quality cushioning that offers both support and comfort. “Opt for cushions made from materials such as high-density foam or down-filled pillows, as they provide a balance of firmness and softness” says Rehman. You can check how supportive the cushioning is by actually sitting on the couch to see how you like the feel. If it doesn’t feel too hard or saggy, you’re good to go, explains Rehman. If you’re shopping online, pay special attention to the details label, he adds. Certain materials, like down, will feel more plush than others, so you can choose what’s appropriate for you.

Test the Depth and Seat Height

Figuring out whether the depth and seat height are comfortable is what many of Rehman’s clients struggle with the most when trying to pick sofas themselves, he says. “The depth and seat height of a couch play a significant role in determining its comfort. The depth should allow you to sit back comfortably with your feet touching the floor, while the seat height should be appropriate for your leg length.”

If you’re shopping online, testing depth and seat height is definitely be a little more challenging, but “when in doubt, get the measuring tape out,” Rehman says. Buy according to measurement dimensions you feel comfortable with or sift through reviews of the couch to get a sense of how people feel about it.

Consider the Upholstery Material

It can greatly impact the comfort of a couch. “Opt for fabrics that are soft and durable, such as microfiber, chenille, or velvet. These materials offer a cozy and luxurious feel,” Rehman says. You should also consider factors like breathability and stain resistance when selecting the upholstery, he adds. “These qualities can contribute to long-term comfort and ease of maintenance.”

Above all else, try not to be fooled by fast furniture trends flooding your feeds, Rehman says. “Invest in timeless pieces that will always elevate your spaces rather than making you buy a new piece every couple of months because your boucle sofa looks like it got run over by a semi-truck.” “The sofa you choose should be able to fit into your evolving style over the years.

What kind of sofa is most comfortable?

When it comes to comfort, everyone has their own preferences, so what’s comfortable for you may not be for someone else. That being said, Moszczynski says she has seen a few trends in her work. “Based on previous [projects], the more popular choices for comfort include large, plush sectional sofas, which are great for lounging and can be configured in various ways to suit different needs.”

One of her personal favorites is also the English rolled-arm sofa. It has a tight back with a cushion that is secured in place. “This is a great low-maintenance option that isn’t huge and works well in small spaces,” she says. One more she’s a fan of — Chesterfield sofas. “They have a classic, elegant design and feature deep seats and high backs for comfort,” she says.

If you want something to chill out in, chaise lounges are perfect for stretching out and relaxing, Moszczynski adds, though she considers these “a more ancillary silhouette that gets paired back with one of the above-mentioned sofas.”

What kind of sofa is best for long-term use?

The sofa that will be best for you in the long run depends on who will be sitting on it. “For long-term use, I am a fan of the silhouette that matches your lifestyle best,” Moszczynski says. For example, if you have a big family or love to host, opt for space-friendly sectionals. These are also great for people who like to lounge comfortably often, Moszczynski adds. If you want to give your living space more formal vibes, Moszczynski recommends silhouettes like the Chesterfield or rolled-arm sofa.

Whatever you do opt for, keep furniture construction in mind. “Always consider frame material and cushion construction when assessing how long it will last,” Moszczynski says. “Wood and metal frames are best, and high-quality foam will keep its shape better than say a feather sofa.” She also recommends looking for easily cleanable fabrics that can be treated with a stain-repellent.

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