Wednesday’s papers: SPP losing support, advance voting and freezing your bedding


Polling data suggests a dip in support for one of the smaller parties in the government coalition.

The Swedish People’s Party is looking at why voters seem to be deserting it, after a Helsingin Sanomat poll suggested a 0.5 percentage point dip in support compared to last year’s parliamentary election.

The party joined a new right-wing government last year, after serving Sanna Marin’s SDP-led administration between 2019 and 2023, and has watched on as the populist Finns Party’s ministers have run into numerous scandals.

It is now polling below the Christian Democrats. Party bigwigs interviewed by HS said that they were taking note of the poll and thinking about what could be done differently, but that one poll is still one poll.

There were different views on the right conclusion to draw. The party’s vice chair, Henrik Wickström, said that they should be bolder in differentiating between themselves and their coalition partners.

Otto Andersson, who chairs the party’s parliamentary group, said that he felt there was no desire for that, and that party supporters had told him that “if we are in government, we should be there properly”.

Voting runs until 23 January, and voters can pick any polling place nationwide in the advance voting phase. If they wait until election day itself, 28 January, they must use their allocated polling station.

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Iltalehti has a warning for those tempted to use the colder weather to air out their bedding. The frigid temperatures can rejuvenate duvets and pillows, killing dust mites and refreshing the bed coverings.

But if you do leave items out in the cold for several hours, you risk damaging certain types of pillow. Memory foam pillows and mattresses are particularly vulnerable to this, according to IL.

Those buying mattresses should also be careful when taking them home. They come rolled up tightly in plastic wrapping, and if they are in a cold car for a long period they could freeze in that shape.

They then need to warm up before opening, otherwise they might struggle to expand to their full size once out of the packaging.

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