What is a flippable mattress — and do you really need one?


Flippable, double-sided mattresses offer adjustable support, but are they more gimmicky than good?

While most mattresses made today are not designed to be flipped, an increasing number of top-rated sleep brands are introducing double-sided mattresses to their lineup of beds. But what is a flippable mattress? These double-sided mattresses have different firmness levels on each side, meaning that one side is softer than the other.

Double-sided beds are some of the best mattresses for customizable comfort and support, but are they actually worth your investment? Or are they just a unnecessary gimmick that won’t offer the support and comfort of traditional hybrid beds?

Here, we’ll discuss what a double-sided mattress is and explore the the pros and cons. Plus, we’ve also rounded up the best mattress deals on double-sided beds, so you can buy a flippable mattress for less, should you decide that it’s the right type of bed for you. Let’s get started.

A flippable mattresses is a double-sided mattress with a design that allows you to sleep on either side. Each side has a different level of firmness, so one side will be softer than the other. For example, one side may be medium soft for comfort, which the other medium-firm for more support.

Double-sided mattresses are much different to a lot of modern mattresses, which can’t be flipped. The best hybrid mattresses of today usually have a design which features multiple layers that must be placed on your bed foundation in the correct order. For instance, the top side will feature gel-infused memory foam or pillow top for a soft, comforting surface, while the bottom side will be sturdy and supportive as a base layer. If the mattress is upside down, then you won’t get the comfort that the top layers offer.

The most obvious benefit of a flippable mattress is the customization it offers. Adjustable firmness can be great for combination sleepers or those who frequently change their dominant sleep position. Double-sided beds are also great for those who may need different levels of support from time to time, such as pregnant women, active people who are prone to injuries, those with reoccurring aches and pains, and children and adolescents.

Being able to change your mattress with any changes in your body can also mean flippable mattresses are good value for money. What’s more, flipping your mattress regularly can also prolong its life, preventing one side from becoming overused and prone to sagging.

Flippable mattresses can also accommodate different sleepers, meaning they can make great guestroom beds. Simply the flip the double-sided mattress to whichever side according to the guest’s sleep needs.

However, there are some cons to the double-sided mattress. First of all, who really needs a mattress with two different firmness levels? This is especially true for flippable mattresses with comfort levels on either side of the firmness spectrum. It’s unlikely that you’ll need a marshmallow-soft mattress one day and a rock-hard firm bed the next.

There’s also the question of how supportive comfortable their structure is. Hybrid beds designed to have a sturdy supportive base on the bottom and a comfortable, pillow-soft sleep surface on top. Flippable mattresses, however, don’t have that structure, meaning their support is often called into question when the plusher side sits on the bottom.

Finally, depending on the size of your bed, flipping a mattress can be an arduous task. Flipping a double-sided mattress is often a two-person job, and solo sleepers may find it difficult to adjust the firmness themselves, especially if they have an injury or aches and pains.