What is the Purple New Day mattress, and should you buy it in the Presidents’ Day sales?


The Purple NewDay mattress is the brand’s most affordable option, complete with the famous GelFlex polymer grid layer. Purple’s entry-level prices still fall within the premium bracket though so, as with many of our best mattress choices, you’ll want to pick your time to buy carefully.

We’re big fans of Purple’s GelFlex grid, which does a great job of keeping sleepers comfortable, as well as assisting with temperature regulation and motion isolation. The Purple NewDay’s big brother, the Purple Plus is also one of our picks in our best mattresses for back pain round-up, and we think the grid does an excellent job of soothing joint pain.

Currently, the Purple NewDay mattress is being sold at full price on Purple’s website, but we’re hoping to see prices pushed down when the Presidents’ Day mattress sales land on Monday. But should you buy it when they do? Let’s take a closer look at the Purple NewDay.

The Purple NewDay might be the brand’s most affordable mattress but, with its price tag, it’s certainly not going to be appearing in our best affordable mattresses round-up. But we think the mattress more than justifies its price tag, offering plenty of support and comfort to sleepers.

The mattress has a simple design, with a breathable cover followed by a layer of GelFlex grid with a foam boarder to bolster edge support. The mattress is supported by a six inch base layer made of polyurethane foam that helps to maintain the mattress’ structural integrity and provide support. The main difference between this mattress and the Purple Original is that the original has an extra layer of comfort foam. The thinner design of the mattress means that it only stands eight inches tall, which is most noticeable if you sit on the edges or the ends of it – you’ll sink right down to the bed frame. But motion isolation and temperature regulation are both hugely impressive – this is a mattress to choose if you share your bed with a restless sleeper or sleep hot.

The grid takes a little getting used to – it flexes under pressure but then springs back into shape immediately and manages to be both softer around the shoulders and hips, while firmer under the lumbar. However, this is a mattress that’s best suited to back and stomach sleepers as there’s just not enough contouring for side sleepers to be comfortable.

The mattress trial is a standard 100 nights, and you’ll get a 10 year warranty and free shipping.

At full MSRP the Purple NewDay is still a premium mattress and even with the discounts you can sometimes find, it’s still going to end up in the upper mid-range. Here are the prices you can expect to pay, along with the discount price you should look out for:

Purple’s trial for this mattress is only 100 nights, which is the minimum you can expect for a mattress in a box. You’ll also get a 10-year warranty and free shipping, although there’s unfortunately no option to upgrade to White Glove delivery.

Constructed in the US, the Purple NewDay is made with hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials that are both CertiPUR-US and Clean Air GOLD certified. Being the cheapest mattress in Purple’s line-up, it’s also thinner than their other mattresses, coming in at only eight inches tall, and there’s also a limited number of sizes.

Starting at the top, the Purple has a breathable cover that can be removed but bizarrely only spot cleaned. Make sure you add in one of our best mattress protectors to avoid any permanent marks or stains on the mattress. Next up is Purple’s proprietary GelFlex grid, made from GelFlex polymer. You’ll find this grid in all Purple’s mattresses. Its open structure is designed to prevent body heat from becoming trapped in the mattress, while the flex of the grid provides comfort and support.

Running around the edge of the grid is a foam perimeter to boost edge support and help maintain the structure and shape of the mattress. The whole thing is supported by a six inch base layer of polyurethane foam, designed to provide support, and help maintain the mattress’ structural integrity.

Purple rate the NewDay as firm, but we’d suggest that it’s nearer to medium firm due to the springy feel of the GelFlex grid. You can feel the grid both when you touch and lie on the mattress, but customers don’t find this unpleasant.

The springy feel of the grid leaves sleepers feeling as if they’re floating on top of the mattress, with some gentle contouring around pressure points. The grid is designed to be firmer around the lumbar region and softer around the shoulders and hips for cushioning. However, this mattress does have a firmer feel overall and is best suited to back and stomach sleepers. In these positions, the spine will remain aligned and there’s good support around the lumbar region.

Although the mattress does soften up in the first few weeks of use, we still wouldn’t recommend it to side sleepers as there’s just not enough contouring around pressure points in this position. If you do sleep on your side, we’d recommend you choose one of our best mattresses for side sleepers. And, at only eight inches thick, it’s likely that heavier bodies won’t feel supported enough. One of our specialist best mattresses for heavy people will be more suitable.

Temperature regulation on the Purple is exceptional and if you’re a hot sleeper, this is an excellent choice. It’s one of the best cooling mattresses around and, in fact, some people may well find it just too good at dissipating body heat. Motion isolation is also excellent, with the grid absorbing movement and preventing any disturbance from a restless partner. Edge support was a little disappointing – if you sit on the edges or the end of the mattress, you’re likely to sink through to the bed frame. But the mattress does provide great pressure relief and many customers rate Purple mattresses highly for helping to alleviate joint pains.

When the Purple NewDay is on sale it’s a bargain, but unless the price drops for Presidents’ Day, we’d recommend waiting for another major sales event to buy. At the moment the Purple Original is cheaper, and this is a thicker mattress with an extra layer of comfort foam.

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