Women share the ‘icks’ that turn them off in a single man’s home


Women are sharing the details in a man’s home they consider to be an instant turn off.

Popular satire account Miss Double Bay, run by Sydney woman Claudia Bursill, posted a mood board of features that single men commonly have in their home from yellowing bed pillows to an abundance of bottle openers and a lack of toilet paper.

The post left hundreds in stitches as more women added to the list sharing the things they often see in their date’s house.

‘POV (point of view): when you see his place for the first time,’ the post read with a collection of images.

There was a mattress on the floor with no bed frame as well as a cork screw bottle opener ‘x 10’ and the shelves of a fridge with nothing but a browning banana inside.

Miss Double Bay left Aussies in stitches with her a mood board of things single men often have in their home from yellowing bed pillows to Axe body wash and a lack of toilet paper

A collection of ready-made microwave meals, a Nutribullet, Axe body wash, a box of tissues and an old stained bed pillow also made the list.

Aussie blokes apparently love hanging artworks of almost-nude women on their walls as well as Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract, a liquid formula that supposedly improves brain function and performance.

Also on the list was an empty toilet roll, Bonds trunks and ‘one bath towel’ that looks like it hasn’t been washed in a long time.

‘Have I missed anything?’ Miss Double Bay asked prompting a flurry of responses from woman sharing what they regularly find in single men’s homes.

‘A comically large TV in an otherwise empty living room,’ one user said and another replied: ‘With a camping chair or bean bag and empty monster cans around it’.

‘All the drinking glasses are pints or schooners stolen from various pubs,’ laughed a third.

‘PlayStation, an oversized TV in a bare lounge room, brown Ikea furniture, large tubs of protein powder, a light sabre, a dumbbell,’ a fourth chimed in.

‘Missing: A toothbrush that should have been replaced a century ago,’ someone added.

More women added the things they’ve seen in their dates homes with one saying: ‘Missing: A toothbrush that should have been replaced a century ago’

Other suggestions included an overflowing kitchen or bathroom bin, empty liquor bottles on display as decor and the book Atomic Habits by James Clear only half read

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Other suggestions included an overflowing kitchen or bathroom bin, empty liquor bottles on display as decor and the books Atomic Habits by James Clear or Angels and Demons by Dan Brown – both half read.

‘A random milk crate that’s being used as furniture,’ one woman joked.

‘Missing the large tub of protein powder on kitchen counter, various water bottles dotted through the place a quarter to a third full and last washed a year ago, a Jordan Peterson book,’ another listed.

‘Probably a pair of footy shorts lying around he puts on when at home without underwear every night/ on weekends which never get washed. Random balls for various sports throughout semi inflated.’

Many thought the tongue-in-cheek discussion was hilarious while some offered words of support for the nation’s single men.

‘Stay strong brothers…that pillow is why we didn’t die from Covid,’ one man quipped.

‘It’s called minimalism,’ laughed another.

‘This needs to come with a trigger warning help,’ a woman joked and a second said: ‘This reminds me of my ex so much, it makes my stomach turn’.

More things Aussie women say a typical bloke has in their house ‘A giant collection of loose coins dumped on a bench.”The budget BIC razors, the brown Ikea dining furniture, Berocca, one designer going out-shirt.”Four-in-one shampoo.’ ‘Bike likely in lounge room or corner of bedroom. Bike pump is usually somewhere near the TV, likely a tripping hazard.”At least eight half-used bottles of cologne.”A pile of mail and junk mail on the kitchen table.’ ‘Beer bottles in pile beside the bin since no separate recycling bin.”An aux cable, a used Bunnings gift card and a Tarocash shopping bag with the receipts next to it.”A useful draw as a bench top kitchen feature with everything he might ever need all lined up. From binoculars to many cans of insect spray to ice cream tubs filled with spare change.”His bent passport randomly lying around or shoved in the miscellaneous draw along with a screwdriver and a guitar pick.”Crumbs, on everything.”Samurai sword.”The ex’s body wash or shampoo in the shower.’ Advertisement

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