World’s first microwave bag lets hungry commuters heat up food on the go


The world’s first ever microwave bag allows people to make piping hot food wherever they may be.

Cold packed lunches and soggy sandwiches will become a thing of the past as the bag promises it can reach temperatures of 80C in as little as five minutes, more than hot enough to warm up a microwave meal.

The Willtex Willcook, designed by Japanese company Willtex, is shaped like a laptop bag, and designed to be slung over the shoulder. It comes with an external battery clipped in. Its creators say it has enough charge to keep your lunch warm for as many as eight hours.

The Willtex Willcook says it’s the first gadget of its kind that allows people to heat up food and drink to temperatures as high as 250C

The company described it as a “lightweight, portable, bag-shaped portable microwave bag made possible by a patented technology in which the cloth generates heat”. Despite it being called a “microwave bag”, it doesn’t use the same technology as the household appliance. There is currently a product on the market, the Makita microwave, which does use the same waves.

The Willtex uses an advanced fibre material, which was developed by the Japanese Sanky Sonsys fibre technology. There are similar products using heated technology in fabric designs, like heated coats, socks, and even shoe insoles which can beat the cold. Scientists from the University of Texas recently developed a pillow and mattress that can heat themselves, which in turn helps sleepers drift off.

Where the Willtex differs is that it claims each individual fibre produces its own heat, rather than relying on another element to heat it up. Just like any other material, it can be cut and sewn, but its selling point is the high temperatures it can reach. The temperature can be controlled, allowing the user to select a setting between 40C and 250C. At the upper end of the scale, it can cook a pizza. It’s currently unknown whether the microwave bag will have to be limited to a lower temperature for safety reasons.

It’s designed to look like a regular laptop bag

The inner layer contains a heating element, and a material that can resist oil, water, and stains during the heating process. This sits inside an additional insulating layer which prevents the bag from becoming uncomfortable when it’s carried.

It is finished off with a twill material, which makes it look like a regular laptop bag. The temperature is controlled using the companion “HOTOPIA” app. Making it even more innovative, the insulation layer can also keep drinks cool.

The device is currently only available in Japan

Willtex said: “WILLCOOK also has a high cooling power due to the effect of the heat insulating cotton and the aluminium film with high heat shielding effect that are included for heat retention.”

The gadget is also reasonably priced, at just £126.05 for the device with a battery sold separately and costing £35.62. It’s available in three different colours. At the moment, the gadget is only available for delivery in Japan.

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