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You’re Not Dreaming: Our Favorite Essentials to Get a Good Night’s Sleep Are on Sale Right Now


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Whether you’re constantly fighting to get enough sleep or just appreciate all things cozy at bedtime, Sleep Awareness Week reminds us of the importance of sleep to your overall well-being, per research from the National Sleep Foundation. Some sleep advice from sleep scientist Vanessa Hill: “I focus on making my bedroom comfortable, quiet, and stress-free.”

Many popular brands such as Purple, Cozy Earth, Brooklinen, and more have incredible sales going on during this sleep event, with prices you’ve only dreamed of. You can save on supportive mattresses, cozy bedding, plush pillows, and comfy pajamas. Or perhaps you’re like Hill and like “a white noise machine, so I don’t wake up from sounds outside.” We have fans, air purifiers, and even alarm clocks (for those who need help waking) on deck, too.

We utilized insights from over 15 tests — with additional recommendations from PEOPLE editors — to determine which sleep products you should buy while on sale and which are still worth buying at full price.

Read on for the best products for a good night’s sleep, according to PEOPLE.

Alwyn Home Goose Down Comforter (Save 55%)

When we tested the best comforters and duvet inserts, this Alwyn Home staple earned the title of “best down” thanks to its plush feel, medium weight, and evenly distributed fill. It really is ideal for all seasons because the down material helps regulate your body temperature to keep you cozy in the winter or from overheating in the summer.

DreamSky Compact Digital Alarm Clock with USB Charging Port (Save 42%)

If you’ve been blessed with the ability to sleep through the night and into the morning (tell us your secrets!), we recommend the DreamSky Digital Alarm Clock. When we tested the best alarm clocks, this budget-friendly option wowed our team with its simple, functional design. It has a huge, bright display perfect for all ages (and vision levels) that dims at night. It comes with a USB port to charge your phone, and the decibels can be adjusted to your preferred volume.

Cozy Earth Bamboo Queen Sheet Set (Save 35% with code)

We have nothing but praise for the Cozy Earth bamboo sheet set, which proved to be worth the investment when we tested the best sheets for every sleeper. It won us over with its soft, luxurious material, cooling abilities, and durability. Several of our editors have these sheets, and they really hold up over time. To celebrate Sleep Week, Cozy Earth is holding a sitewide sale of up to 25 percent off, but as a special treat for our readers, you can use the code PEOPLE at checkout for 35 percent off.

Primary Muslin Sleep Sack (Save 36%)

Sleep might be a distant memory for parents with babies, but a sleep sack, like the Primary Muslin Sleep Sack, can offer a smooth transition from swaddling to free sleeping for your baby. In our tests, this sleep sack took our top spot thanks to its soft cotton fabric, light weight, safe design, and easy cleaning. Grab it during Sleep Week for just $22.

Purple Queen Mattress (Save $400)

It’s no fun waking up hot or with aches and pains, so having a cooling, supportive mattress is an important ingredient in the recipe for good sleep. When we tested the best mattresses, the Purple Mattress ranked best for hot sleepers thanks to its comfortable, durable structure and breathable material. “I recently upgraded to a Purple mattress, and the cooling GelFlex grid has been a game changer in stopping my sweaty overnight wake-ups,” says Hill.

That said, if back pain ails you, we also tested the best mattresses for back pain, and the Saatva Zenhaven proved to be a favorite. Not only was it supportive for all sleeping positions, but it really did alleviate pain upon waking. It’s also great for dual sleepers since there is a plush side and a more firm side.

Buffy Breeze Duvet Cover (Save $19)

If you’re tired of your comforter getting dirty with paw prints, spills, and other debris, consider a duvet cover like the Breeze Duvet Cover from Buffy. PEOPLE shopping editor Madison Yauger says it was a game changer for keeping her white bed looking pristine. “It’s silky soft, easy to wash, and has held up to my excited dog jumping all over my bed.”

LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home (Save $30 with coupon)

PEOPLE shopping writer Cai Cramer lives near an alley that gets really loud at night, so “the best white-noise situation I’ve figured out to help me stay asleep is putting my air purifier on the highest setting which creates a really soothing whooshing air sound.”

While Cramer likes this Aroeve model, when we tested the best air purifiers, the Levoit air purifier stood out for its intuitive setup, lightweight design, effective air purification, and quiet noise level. Even Laura Gurfein, our group director of entertainment, swears by her Levoit Air Purifier for pet hair. Grab any of these models on Amazon for some subtle background noise and fresh air while you sleep.

Casper Foam Pillow (Save 20%)

If you’re a hot sleeper who gets aches and pains when you sleep on the wrong pillow, then you have something in common with PEOPLE shopping editor Kayla Kitts. While she swears by the Tempur-Cloud Pillow, we found all the same qualities in the Casper Foam Pillow during our test to discover the best foam pillows — and it’s on sale. It’s made with an ‘AirScape’ foam that’s breathable to keep your head cool at night, while its soft durable structure cushions your neck.

Brooklinen Queen Linen Sheet Set (Save 20%)

Linen sheets are not only sophisticated and sleek, they’re highly breathable, durable, and comfortable. When we tested the best linen sheets, this Brooklinen set won us over with its lightweight feel despite holding up to wear and tear. It has labels to help you make the bed with ease, and though linen is known for wrinkling, we were surprised with how well these sheets smoothed out.

Cozy Earth Stretch-Knit Long-Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set (Save 35% with code)

Two of our PEOPLE staff have these Cozy Earth pajamas, and they really are a cure for sleep woes. “I’ll be the first to admit that for years I was constantly reaching for old college T-shirts and shorts before climbing into bed,” says shopping writer Alyssa Brascia. She says the Cozy Earth pajamas made her realize “how much your pajamas can elevate your sleeping experience (and ultimately lead to better rest).” Yauger agrees, sharing the same affection as Brascia for the pajamas’ soft, stretchy, and loose fabric that keeps you cozy and cool at the same time.

Not on Sale, but Worth the Spend

Loop Quiet Equinox Earplugs: Kitts was gifted these $27 earplugs for a concert, but they have become a go-to in her sleep routine. “I now sleep soundly through the night and no longer have to hear my dog licking, my cats playing, or cars racing by in the middle of the night. My quality of sleep has completely improved.”

Purple Harmony Pillow: “I’m pretty picky about my pillows, so I didn’t expect to love this one so much,” says PEOPLE associate editorial director Erin Johnson. This pillow is made from the same ‘GelFlex Grid’ as the mattress mentioned above. She says “It’s more breathable than other soft pillows I’ve tried,” adding that she uses it inside “this fancy silk pillowcase for ultimate luxury.”

Tempur-Pedic Sleep Mask: Brascia also relies on this sleep mask “for my insomniac tendencies.” She says that while she still wakes up throughout the night, the mask helps her sleep longer in the morning “because it blocks out the light that filters into my room as early as 6 a.m.” She loves the padding, weight (keeping her eyes shut), and the built-in space for lashes.

Pelonis 3-Speed Box Fan: Another hack for hot sleepers? Fans. PEOPLE senior shopping editor Erika Reals keeps “a mini-fan on my nightstand” to help avoid overheating at night. When we tested the best fans, this Pelonis fan earned its stripes. It has powerful airflow to keep you cool all night (even in large rooms), and it’s easy to move around, as needed.

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