Zoma Livingstone bed frame review


Zoma is best known for its mattresses, but it also makes accessories including bed frames. For this review I tried out the Zoma Livingstone, the only one in the range to have under-bed storage. So how does it compare to the best bed frames?

At TechRadar we review plenty of the best mattresses, and it helps have a decent bed frame to complement your mattress. I recently reviewed the Zoma Hybrid mattress, but this frame can be used with all hybrid, foam and innerspring mattresses. I was pleased that I felt supported on this frame. It’s suitable for holding a combined weight of 500lbs, and I didn’t get any creaking from moving about on the mattress or when launching off the side of the bed to get up in the morning (or during the night).

It’s available in a double and king size (I tested it in the king size), and it’s only available in grey. This is the colour of the plush material that upholsters the frame. It’s a neutral tone that I feel will suit a range of bedroom themes, regardless of how comic book character or plain you’ve opted for.

It was a total pain to assemble though. The Zoma Livingstone arrives in three boxes, flat-packed. It took three hours for two of us to put it together. This was because the instructions are not easy to follow, and all the different-sized nuts, bolts and washers are mixed in with each other. The lifting mechanism is also heavyweight, and I struggled to reach towards the back of underbed storage because I couldn’t lift the mattress and frame any higher.

Priced just under £1,000, is the Zoma Livingstone for you? Keep reading my review to find out. Note, this particular Zoma frame is only available in the UK – Zoma US has its own separate range.

The Zoma Livingstone is available in a double and king size, only. At the time of writing the double was out of stock and no price was displayed. The king size has an RRP of £999. It is towards the upper price range of an under-bed storage frame which is likely to be due the use of a quality material and reinforced frame structure.

While I can’t deny that the material is lovely and the structure is solid, it does arrive totally flat-packed. Generally, flat-pack furniture means a lower price – but not in this case.

The Zoma Livingstone does get discounted, but not often. At the time of writing it was full price. You also get free shipping, although there’s no option to upgrade) and 1-year guarantee.

The Zoma Livingstone is an ottoman-style bed frame. This means that there is integrated under-bed storage which is accessed by a lifting mechanism.

It’s made with a combination of sprung wooden slats and a solid metal frame, upholstered in a grey plush material. This material is sumptuous to the touch, and easy on the eye. It’s not available in any other colour.

The frame is also the only one in the Zoma bed frame range to offer storage. The Zoma Genesis is the closest match which exudes a similar grandeur with large headboard and linen upholstery; Zoma Fusion is also wrapped in a linen upholstery yet has a 94cm headboard and the Zoma Astley is crafted from solid hardwood. The Genesis is available in double, king and super king sizes, the Fusion is available in a single, double and king size and the Astley is available in a single, double and king size.

The only sizes that the Zoma Livingstone is available in are double and king size. The double measures 145 x 204cm and king-size measures 160 x 214cm. The headboard height is 110cm on both available frame sizes.

While there are no visible cleaning instructions to reference on the frame, it does say in the assembly instructions that “for cleaning you may use a damp cloth (not wet)”. The instructions also advise that the frame may stain or mark if allowed to come into contact with wet or damp objects as the materials used have not been Scotchgarded.

The Zoma Livingstone is a lovely bed to look at, and sleep on. The design and materials have made it an attractive frame to have, with the neutral décor being suitable for any bedroom theme.

To sleep on it was solid. I didn’t notice any noise from the bolts (or other components) when turning in the night. It didn’t creak when launching off the edge of the mattress during the night, or in the morning, either. Zoma advises that it can comfortably support up to 500lbs; my husband and I have a combined weight of 434lbs and have no complaints about the support.

The Zoma Livingstone is suitable for all types of mattress (hybrid, foam or innerspring). The Zoma Hybrid mattress (also on test) felt well supported, however it didn’t fit the frame entirely; there’s a few inches of space between the mattress and the edge of the frame. Although this didn’t affect the performance, it did mean that dust gathered – and it became a trap for socks. We also frequently bumped our legs into the edges of the frame, which is something that we haven’t had before when the edge of the mattress meets the edge of the frame, or overhangs.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Zoma Livingstone was, for me, the storage underneath. The amount of storage available is the size of your mattress (double or king size) which is loads. To access it, there’s a material tab attached to the base end of the frame – this needs to be tugged upwards. I found that the combined weight of the mattress and the base made them quite hard to lift, so I wouldn’t recommend this frame for anyone who needs to be able to easily access storage with little effort.

While the suspended frame and mattress stays in place thanks to the hydraulic lifts, I also struggled to access the storage towards the head of the bed because the frame will only lift to 40in / 101.6cm. The fabric cover that attaches to the underside of the frame with Velcro wasn’t quite large enough, either, so we had a flappy end piece that was detached underneath the headboard-end.

Everything stayed in place when lifting the bed. To put it back down, I found it easier to push the suspended mattress and frame down with my hands, rather than pull the material tab, which I’m certain would cause friction burn and a pulled muscle if yanked on too hard.

Within a few days of the order for the Zoma Livingstone being placed, I received a text message confirming a delivery time slot. On the day of delivery I received a phone call from the delivery drivers to say that they were on their way and that they would be with me within the hour. The customer service was seamless, from that point of view.

The Zoma Livingstone arrived in three boxes. I wasn’t expecting this. Given the size and shape of the boxes (big and thin), my first impression was a bit of an “uh-oh” moment; it was totally flat packed. The delivery drivers wouldn’t carry the boxes up our stairs; it was delivered to our hallway, only. There was no option to upgrade.

If there was an option to upgrade, I would have totally paid the money to have the bed frame delivered to our bedroom and assembled; it was a nightmare. The boxes were big and heavy to carry up the stairs. Although I managed to do this on my own, I advise that two people carry the boxes.

Assembly of the Zoma Livingstone was made difficult by the unclear instructions, and components not being marked. All the nuts, bolts and washers were mixed together, and there were three different sizes of them. It took a while to sort through all of them, and yet more time to measure them to figure out what should go where.

With the help of my mum, it took almost three hours to assemble the Zoma Livingstone. While all the necessary parts were included, it would have been super helpful to have the nuts, bolts and washer sizes clearly marked to take the guesswork out of it all. There was a lot of faff and fiddling with the small parts to get them secured onto the frame, too. Had partial assembly been a delivery upgrade, it would have been welcome.

It’s worth noting that the instructions are written in a small font and not very well laid out for easy reading. There’s also no digital version of the instructions added to the website, which is something I feel would be helpful if you ever misplace the instructions after taking it down for a house move or (like me) you’re triple checking that it’s been set up correctly if something isn’t quite right.

I struggled to get the lifting mechanism to work. At first, I thought it was broken. But then I asked a brand rep to send over the instructions (because I misplaced them) and I figured out that the hydraulic arm had been installed the wrong way round. FYI: the thicker part of the hydraulic arm needs to be secured to the base, not the bit that lifts. This issue was resolved and I was able to access the storage beneath.

The Zoma Livingstone comes with a one-year warranty. This isn’t a very long time considering the price you pay for it, the effort required to assemble it and the fact that competitors who are offering similar frames provide a five-year guarantee.

✅ You need storage space: The Zoma Livingstone is an ottoman-style storage bed which lifts the mattress (with a firm pull of a tab) to access the storage space beneath.

✅ You want a plush-looking frame: High quality material has been used to wrap around the frame, and it looks fancy.

✅ You already own a mattress: There’s no need to go out and buy a new mattress to fit on the Zoma Livingstone; It’s compatible with foam, hybrid or innerspring mattresses.

❌ You’re on a budget: Priced at £999 for a king-size, the Zoma Livingstone is not a cheap bed frame. There are much more affordable options to choose from.

❌ You don’t do flat-pack: Just don’t get the Zoma Livingstone if you don’t like flat-pack. It’s a hefty piece of bedroom furniture that took three hours for two people to assemble.

I slept on the Zoma Livingstone for 4 weeks. I assembled it myself (with my mum’s help) and have used it to store bed linen. I tested it in the king-size frame, alongside the Zoma Hybrid mattress.